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Create Industrial Wire Enclosures with Wire Mesh Partitions

Wire Mesh Partitions are industrial wire enclosures that will establish safety, security, and separation for your warehouse, evidence room, tool crib or armory. Wire Mesh Partitions are made by welding wire mesh inside angled frames to create a panel, and then bolting the panels to square steel tubing posts. You can use the Wire Mesh Partitions to create security cages, modular walls, or any type of industrial wire enclosure you need. (view pictures of Wire Mesh Partitions and security cages)

Wire Mesh Partitions Protect Equipment

Multiple Uses for Wire Mesh Partitions

There are many different uses and applications for Wire Mesh Partitions for different businesses and organizations. Police departments and armories can use them for security cages to keep evidence and weapons guarded. Manufacturing and warehouse facilities can use the Wire Partitions for tool cribs and general storage areas where open access to stored items might be a problem. Also, the Wire Partitions can be used for machine guarding and robotic work cells where additional protection is necessary. Click here to learn more about wire security cages, partitions, server cages and tool cribs.revit bim models

Security Cage for Police Department Keeps Weapons Safe

Our San Antonio team recently completed a project for a south Texas police department designing and installing a high density shelving system that was secured in Wire Mesh Partitions. Before the high density shelving system and Wire Mesh Partitions were installed, weapons were disorganized and stacked in boxes, which made them difficult to access and secure. The high density shelving system allowed the department to organize and store their weapons while maximizing their floor space. The Wire Partitions were used to create a security cage around the high density shelving system. The security cage allowed for controlled access to weapon inventory and also permitted the use of existing lighting, as well as open circulation for air flow and and fire suppression systems.

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Wire Mesh Partitions Security Cages

Here is what the police department had to say about their new weapon storage area and our services, “The sales representative and installers were extremely professional and helpful. Our mobile shelving system and security cage were delivered and installed as scheduled. We are very satisfied with the improvements to our police department weapon storage area thanks to your product.”

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