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Last updated: December 15, 2016

Military Weapons Shipping Container for Rapid Weapon Transportation

spacesaver tricon weapons storage systemWorking with the Navy, Spacesaver® has developed an innovative military weapons shipping container, the Tricon Weapons Storage System. This is the first custom integrated container that is capable of storing and shipping modern small arms, crew serve weapons, associated collateral gear, and repair parts in the most secure fashion. The weapons storage system offers fully outfitted Tricon designs with transportable weapons racks for expeditionary use. The open weapons storage design provides secure, quick, and easy access to all weapons and supports transportation via ground, sea, and air.

Features of the Tricon Weapons Storage System

The internal configuration of the Tricon weapons storage system is dependent on the weapons, materials, and specific needs of the user. Each container can be custom configured to store, ship, and support field weapon operations for any military community. The container is divided into six versatile sections for storing weapons, including M9, M4, M16, M249, M240, M2, MK19, and shot guns. Also, storage cabinets with drawers are available for gear and small arms.

Standard exterior features include:military weapons shipping container interior options

  • Corrugated steel sides, roof and swing doors on one side
  • Heavy duty steel floor
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Wall tie down steel lashing rings
  • Front corner post tie downs
  • Door corner post tie downs
  • Adjustable shelving brackets
  • Manifest Box
  • Vents
  • UID Labels
  • Exterior paint: military standard 595B 34094 green or 33446 tan

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