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Vehicle Gun Storage for Police Departments

Storing guns or weapons in a safe and secure vehicle compartment is essential for anyone who needs to carry or access guns frequently. This is especially true for police officers who may have multiple firearms in their vehicles and are required to have them handy while on patrol. Proper vehicle gun storage ensures that law enforcement officers can securely mobilize with their weapons while also decreasing unwanted incidents. To safely store these items, police departments regularly turn to vehicle storage lockers and gun safes as solutions. At Southwest Solutions Group®, our storage options for safe gun-keeping help officials easily store and access their tools in a convenient and timely fashion.

Three Reasons to Use Vehicle Gun & Weapon Storage

police vehicle gun storageWhy use our vehicle gun storage and weapon solutions? Our vehicle storage lockers can provide safety, convenience, and accessibility.


The goal of securely storing weapons in a vehicle is first and foremost for safety. Our storage solutions help keep handguns, rifles, knives, ammunition, and other weapons in the right hands. Keeping guns and other armaments locked within vehicles decreases the amount of gun and weapon theft. In the U.S., the number of firearms that are stolen each year is enormous. This is especially true of guns being stolen from vehicles – yes, even police cars. Stolen weapons can then be sold in the 'underground' market and used for crimes and violence. With our products, we aim to help prevent these situations from ever occurring in the first place and reduce the risk of any unnecessary injuries or accidents.


In instances when police officers might need these items, our products help maintain firearms organized and in a reliable location, allowing for quicker access. Weapon lockers and vehicle gun storage units used in trunks of vehicles can be accessed in three ways:

  • Remote control: The remote control access allows officers to unlock the compartment with a push of a button quickly. In case of an emergency, an officer might need to get into their gun safe With a remote that can be carried with them anywhere, they can do so.

  • Hidden push-button: This hidden button also allows access to the locker in case of an emergency. If the individual doesn't have their remote control handy, they can press this hidden button on the storage compartment to access their firearms.

  • Master key: The master key enables the officer to override the locker in case of a dead battery. The lock on our products is made of hardened steel, so the master key permits the user to access the locker as the last option. You can see the video below depicting an attempted break-in where the lock continues to work, even after a severe beating.

These three ways of entry simplify things for officers on duty by not having to worry about carrying multiple sets of keys, frantically fiddling with locks, or trying to remember combinations while under pressure. Officers can rest assured knowing that, no matter the situation, they can still get to their firearms when needed.


Our vehicle weapon storage solutions fit in the trunk, under the dash, or in an overhead console. Also, these weapon lockers and gun safes do not take up unnecessary space on the floor of the vehicle's trunk. This allows the owner to keep guns ready without having to sacrifice trunk storage space. We also include a box for your pistol for those times when it needs to be locked up. Our weapon lockers and gun safes also provide enough room between the roof of your trunk or the top of your box to fit your radio.

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Our Vehicle Gun Lockers & Storage Solutions

pickup truck weapon lockersOur gun safes are designed and built in the USA. Our goal is to make quality products that address the needs of today's law enforcement professionals and keep guns secure. Our storage solutions come in a variety of options and sizes and can fit in virtually any type of police vehicle. From pickup truck lockers to spare tire organizers, we have the solution you require.

We offer many options for your safe and secure weapon storage needs. Products we supply fit many kinds of popular police vehicles including but not limited to:

  • Pickup Trucks
  • Sedans
  • Basic SUVs
  • Taurus
  • Charger Sedans
  • Deluxe SUVs
  • Avenger Police Cars
  • Crown Victoria Police Cars
  • Tahoe SUVs

Types Of Vehicle Storage Options For Weapons

  • law enforcement car trunk firearms cabinets safesHigh-Security Gun Lockers For Rifles: This system was designed to fit two of the most popular pickup truck models on the market today. It comfortably accommodates storage for firearms measuring 48-inches long by 9-inches wide and 16-inches tall. A military-style assault rifle and a 40-inch shotgun can easily be stored inside the mounted cases to maximize space capacity. The secure truck bed storage system is made from galvanized steel and line x-coated for added protection against dust and water.

    Access to these high-security rifle lockers is controlled by remote operation. Its door, which includes a gasket, opens with ease by engaging the wireless control. Once activated, the door is designed to pop open with ease. This allows for quick retrieval of weapons from the secure truck bed storage system with precision.

  • Police vehicle trunk gun lockersThese are designed to fit into any standard police vehicle and provide safe, secure storage and rapid access for officers in the field. With its remote open feature, officers can unlock the safe with the push of a button. This makes the weapons ready for retrieval by the time the officer reaches the rear of the vehicle. The patented quick deployment system allows these lockers to have the least amount of time to deploy any trunk or rear cargo product in the industry. 

  • Weapon cargo cabinets and drawers: These compartments don't take up space in the car's trunk, allowing officers to keep guns ready without having to sacrifice trunk storage space. The drawer's interior divider system eliminates the need to cut foam or strap down weapons and has space for extra ammo, magazines, grenades, etc. The cabinets and drawers provide enough room between the roof of the trunk and the top of the box to fit your radio, and there is also a box for your pistol to be locked up. This storage option is also available for SUVs and trucks.

  • Security enhanced police vehicle cargo cabinets and locker safes: Mounted to the trunk of a car or SUV, these universal weapons drawers fit neatly and securely inside any police vehicle for secure storing of various-sized firearms. This includes everything from ammo and magazines to pistols and shotguns, as well as other law enforcement equipment. Equipped with a nearly tamper-proof lock made from hardened steel, these police cabinets and locker safes feature several sophisticated points-of-entry for controlled access. These include the hidden push-button, master key override, and remote entry, as previously mentioned.

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