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Last updated: February 23, 2017

Police Vehicle Weapon Lockers and Gun Safes for Cars


Police Vehicle Weapon Lockers and Gun Safes for Cars keep all types of guns and ammunition secure while in your vehicle. Weapon lockers and gun safes for the trunk of your vehicle can be accessed three ways: by a remote control, by a hidden push button, and by a master key. Each weapon locker and gun safe includes a master key override, in the event of a dead battery. The lock is hardened steel, which you can see in the video depicting a break in kept working even after a severe beating with a hammer.


The Gun Safes for Cars and Trunk Gun Drawers Save Space While Securing Weapons

In addition the weapon lockers and gun safes do not take up space in the floor of the vehicle’s trunk, which allows you to keep guns at the ready without having to sacrifice trunk storage space. Our divider system eliminates the need to cut foam or strap down weapons and gives you secure storage for extra ammo, magazines, grenades, etc. We also include a box for your pistol, for those times when it needs to be locked up. Our weapon lockers and gun safes provide enough room between the roof of the trunk and the top of the box to fit your radio.

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We have vehicle weapon lockers to fit under your seat, in the trunk, under the dash, or in an overhead console. Our gun safes are designed and built in the USA. Our goal is to build quality products that address the needs of today’s law enforcement professionals. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and let one of our Public Safety Specialists assist you with your vehicle weapon and gun safes needs.


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