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Compact Shelving to Save Space

space saver pro compact storage systems spokane yakima coeur d aleneWhat's one shared issue between offices, hospitals, libraries, and warehouses? They all worry about space. With rising real estate costs, it's more and more difficult for businesses to simply add to their buildings with more construction to make more space. The result is cramped, unorganized, and inaccessible storage areas that hinder your workflow. Space saver pro compact storage systems and shelving are a simple solution to combat this widespread issue, all without spending a penny on costly building expansion and construction. These space saving shelving solutions are available to all types of facilities and businesses in Spokane, Yakima, Coeur d'alene, and throughout the state of Washington. Click here to learn more about compact storage shelving.

More Storage in a Smaller Footprint

The space saver pro compact shelving reduces your storage space by eliminating the need for aisles between rows of shelves. With this, the high density system provides the most possible storage in half the floorspace as static shelves and cabinets. Instead of rows of static shelving, users can open the aisles they need when they're needed. By removing extra space between aisles, the compact storage systems can reduce your storage by half or double your storage capacity in the same footprint.

Part of the value in compact storage systems is that they can be used in practically any application from small to large and bulky items. Since virtually any type of shelving can be mounted on the movable carriages, the storage possibilities are endless. You can even use your pre-existing shelving to save on costs, but you can also order shelves designed with your space and storage needs in mind.

compact storage shelving systems save space spokane yakima coeur d alene

Compact storage systems are available in three modes of operation, which you can choose depending on what you're storing and your need for controlled access. Powered storage options offer the most security and safety options and are great for storing heavy loads or valuable items that need to stay locked up. The touchpad control included with the powered shelving can be programmed to require users to log in before the shelves can be opened. No matter what you choose, each compact storage system is guaranteed to reduce your storage space with a long-lasting solution. Click here to see how a museum was able to increase their storage capacity for books and artwork collections with space saver compact storage systems.

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