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Last updated: September 12, 2019
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Automated carousels delivering paraffin block samples promote ergonomic access

motorized vertical lift storage seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaMotorized vertical lift storage carousels deliver paraffin block samples to an ergonomic window, giving pickers in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton, Olympia, and throughout the state of Washington quicker and easier access. Operators can streamline the process through an easy-to-use push-button or scanning a bar code. Integrated trays allow you to have full storage density, then drop down from overhead to present the stored items. Therefore, no one risks injury and avoids unnatural movements during collection. Rather, everyone can safely handle the tissue specimens with error-free efficiency and still have time to do more.

Watch a video that highlights how the motorized vertical lift storage operates.

Vertical carousels save space improving productivity

Alternative vertical carousels have shelves and drawers that rotate up and down while taking the shortest path to bring the paraffin block samples to operators. During this time, items are delivered to a pick window that users have ergonomic access to. It helps ensure more efficient and faster retrieval while cutting out search time. Therefore, you can spend the day being more productive rather than wandering around trying to find stuff. Users have everything within convenient and safe reach too, helping prevent personal injury and material damage.

The high-density solutions also have a compact design and utilize overhead space to store, secure, and organize the specimens. In which case, you can reclaim the floor and reuse it in a more productive capacity. Facilities short on space have up 75% more capacity to use. It's more than standard shelf and drawer systems can provide, allowing you to maximize footprint efficiency.

Flexible motorized vertical lift storage

carousels paraffin block samples seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympia 1You have infinite design flexibility too since the motorized vertical lift storage features modular construction. Therefore, experts can configure the solutions to span up to the highest point in the ceiling. In which case, you could then utilize hard-to-reach overhead air space and smaller area footprints to the fullest. In addition, the versatile units always allow relocation if operations outgrow your existing space. So, users can bring the equipment along rather than leaving it behind. Able to do this, you'll avoid wasting money and get more cost-effective use from your investment. To ensure they fit your new facility space, simply add or remove modules. The carousels also allow security doors to protect the paraffin block samples from dust and theft.

Click here to learn more about vertical lift modules.

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