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Side to Side Storage & Mobile Shelving

mobile shelving file allied systems seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaWe have a wide variety of space saving storage solutions for virtually any application. Mobile shelving, side to side storage, and unique file systems are designed to provide you with quality, maximized storage in a small footprint. Save space and reduce your overhead costs as well as improve accessibility and organization for all types of facilities in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton, Olympia, and throughout the state of Washington.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving can store more in half the space of traditional static shelves. By mounting shelving units on mobile carriages, the system compacts when not in use to eliminate wasted aisle space and provide more floor space. To access stored materials, users simply turn an ergonomic handle or push a button to open the aisle they need. To save on costs, almost any type of shelving or cabinet system can be installed on the tracks so you can use the storage you already have instead of buying new. Click here to watch a video showing how the mobile shelving systems work.

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Side to Side Sliding Shelving

Sliding shelving moves side to side on tracks to save space. Users simply slide the front shelving unit out of the way to access the units behind without needing extra aisle space. Side to side shelving units are available in double, triple, or quadruple-deep configurations depending on the size of your application.

Rotary Cabinets

allied systems side to side storage seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaRotary cabinets revolve 360º to provide double-sided storage in the same space as one traditional cabinet. Two sides of the cabinet are made of solid panels to close and lock the cabinet, and the other two sides provide storage space for boxes, binders, garments, files, supplies, and other items.

Open File Shelving

We also have open file shelving units in legal and letter size. Many of these types of shelves can be mounted on mobile or side to side sliding shelving.

Pull-Out Units

The pull-out shelves are another space-saving storage solution. By pulling a handle, the user has access to stored contents. When not in use, the shelves remain condensed in a compact footprint. Available with one, two, or three slide-out units and a variety of shelving types.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for mobile shelving and file allied systems for side to side storage in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton, and Olympia. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at (425) 354-3311 or send us a message today.

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