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Last updated: October 12, 2018

Push-Button Carousels for Microscope Slide Storage

microscope slide storage holder tray spokane yakima coeur d aleneDue to their retention periods, combined weight, and their sensitive nature, microscope slides are difficult to store, track, and transfer. Even with boxes designed specifically for slides, it can be difficult and time-consuming to ensure that all slides are accounted for. Additionally, they tend to take up a lot of floor space. Microscope slide storage holder trays with push-button carousels are an automated solution that can increase your storage capacity in a smaller footprint and provide secure, controlled storage and tracking all at the same time. The push-button carousels are a great solution for laboratories and healthcare facilities in Spokane, Yakima, Coeur d'alene, and throughout the state of Washington. Click here to watch a video showing how the push-button carousels work.

BIM Pathology Blood Slide Storage Vertical Carousels                  revit bim models




Wt Fully Loaded

Avg Access Time





Note: All units are 71.26" wide by 36.4" deep

SSG-115-1310N 86.6 2,469 lbs. 6,343 lbs. 4.6 13 286 274,560 pathology blood slide vertical carousel
SSG-115-1410N 88.6 2,580 lbs. 6,752 lbs. 5 14 308 295,680
SSG-115-1510N 94.5 2,716 lbs. 7,186 lbs. 5.4 15 330 316,800
SSG-115-1610N 98.4 2,841 lbs. 7,609 lbs. 5.7 16 352 337,920
SSG-115-1710N 104.3 2,978 lbs. 8,044 lbs. 6.1 17 374 359,040
SSG-115-1810N 108.3 3,099 lbs. 8,463 lbs. 6.4 18 396 380,160
SSG-115-1910N 114.2 3,236 lbs. 8,898 lbs. 6.8 19 418 401,280
SSG-115-2110N 118.1 3,359 lbs. 9,319 lbs. 7.1 20 440 422,400
SSG-115-2110N 124 3,498 lbs. 9,756 lbs. 7.5 21 462 443,520
SSG-115-2210N 128 3,635 lbs. 10,191 lbs. 7.9 22 484 464,640

Ergonomic Compact Slide Holder Carousels

  • Automated goods-to-person system delivers slides directly to the operatorpush button carousels slide storage spokane yakima coeur d alene
  • Spend less time transferring and searching for slides
  • Climate-controlled units ensure proper storage conditions
  • 100% ergonomic access prevents employee injury from lifting heavy boxes of slides
  • Automatic handling reduces risk of damage from slide mishandling
  • Vertical compact design can save up to 75% of floor space
  • Inventory management software tracks slides and displays information about selected items
  • Optional transaction recording and inventory reports
  • Optional pick lights direct the operator to the exact location of each tray
  • Increases productivity by up to 2/3 over standard storage methods
  • Units close and lock when not in use for more security
  • Adjustable work counters can be positioned at various seated or standing heights

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