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Police Gear Duty Bag Storage

duty bag police gear storage system seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaIt can be difficult for police departments to handle their storage within best practices, especially when there is a lack of space. Officers need space to store first aid kits, uniforms, evidence collection kits, and other gear. An inefficient storage system will delay retrieval of these items and result in lost productivity. Police gear storage systems and garage racks for duty bags and gear provide fast access in a compact and organized footprint with its high density design. These space saver systems are available to all types of law enforcement facilities in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton, Olympia, and throughout the state of Washington.

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Police Gear Garage Rack System

Ideally, police gear is stored near garages and cruisers for fast and convenient access, separated from storage for street clothes and personal items. But often, departments have to resort to storing their equipment in whatever space they can find. Especially in smaller departments, this space is at a premium and cannot be expanded easily, leading to cramped storage areas and stored items that are difficult to find and retrieve.

gear storage system garage racks space saver seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaOne police department in particular solved this problem with a high-density gear storage system with garage racks as an alternative to their previous storage room, which was cluttered and inconveniently located away from the garage entrance. The suspended storage system was installed in the department's garage so officers can quickly pick up and drop off their gear on the way to and from their cruisers. Every officer is assigned their own space within the unit. It saves space by compacting into a small footprint when not in use, and officers access aisles with the pull of a handle. This eliminates extra aisle space between rows of shelves.

To accommodate their specific needs, the police gear storage system was also configured with various features to keep items organized and accessible, including:

  • Hanging bars for coats and jackets
  • Shelves for bags, hats, and boxes
  • Wire decking for overhead storage

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