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Compacting Library Reserve Desks

compacting library reserve desk book pickup shelf seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaTo accommodate students' needs for study and collaboration space, more and more libraries are staying open 24 hours a day. However, the circulation desks are sometimes left unstaffed and many libraries are concerned with how to keep requested materials secure for pickup during these hours. Compacting library reserve desks and book pickup counters have a unique space-saving design that stores and secures requested materials with movable shelving units that can be locked together. Read on to learn more about compacting library desks available in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton, Olympia, and throughout the state of Washington. Click here to watch a video showing how compacting shelves work.

Secure Library Reserve Storage

book pickup shelf rack counter station seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympia

The compacting counter shelves have a unique design that makes storage and security easy and in less space. When an item is requested through the library, it is stored in the compacting shelves until it can be picked up. Due to their compact size, the shelves can be installed close to the circulation desk for quick stocking and retrieval.

By mounting the counter shelves on rails, the units move back and forth to save space and lock the system when needed. When all the shelves are compacted together, they take up significantly less space than other types of shelving that require open aisles at all times. When in use, the system is easily expanded. After working hours or when the circulation desk is unattended, the staff member can simply slide the counters together and lock the entire system so no one can access the contents on the shelves. When it's time to open back up again, the system is unlocked and can be slid side to side as needed.

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