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Innovative Storage Cabinets and Racks for Your Industrial Facilityvertical lifts storing punches dies jigs and fixtures

Industrial and material handling facilities store many different items including tools, tablets, punches, dies, jigs, and fixtures. Making sure that you are optimizing your storage area so that you maximize space while keeping items accessible is essential to maintaining efficiency in your facility. We offer numerous storage cabinets and racks that will benefit your storage area including vertical lifts, modular drawer cabinets and compact pallet racks. (view images of our storage cabinets and racks).

Vertical Lifts for Storing Punches, Dies, Jigs and Fixtures

Vertical lifts are an excellent solution for storing small and large punches, dies, jigs, and fixtures. The lifts are composed of vertically arranged trays, a delivery lift platform mechanism, and computerized push button controls that work together to store and deliver items directly to the operator.

modular drawer cabinets will store small punches and diesBecause the vertical lifts extend in unused overhead space, they have a very small footprint that will save over 80% of your storage area floor space. Items are delivered directly to the operator at an ergonomically positioned work counter, which eliminates the bending, walking, twisting, and reaching associated with retrieving stored items. Both productivity and overall morale are increased.

Modular Drawer Cabinets Will Store Small Punches and Dies

There are many reasons why modular drawer cabinets are better than traditional bins for storing small punches and dies. Modular drawer cabinets are up to 70% more space efficient because they’re available in heights that will match the size of the parts being stored and the interiors can be partitioned for efficient space utilization. The drawers can also be shut and locked, which will protect items from theft and dust.  

Compact Pallet Racks Store Large Jigs and Fixturescompact pallet racks store large jigs and fixtures

Compact pallet racks will cut your storage floor space in half or double your storage capacity without adding any additional floor space. Compact pallet racks take new or existing pallet racks and place them on specially designed carriages and tracks. The rows of pallet racks move smoothly with the push of a button to create moving aisles.

Learn More About Ways to Store Tools Tablet Punches Dies Jigs Fixtures

Southwest Solutions Group® provides industrial and material handling facilities with all kinds of innovative storage cabinets and racks that will increase efficiencies. To learn more about the best options for storing tools, tablets, punches, dies, jigs, and fixtures in your facility, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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