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Last updated: June 23, 2020

small parts high density warehouse storage

Traditional warehouse facilities have found its best practice to segregate parts requiring storage according to size. Many utilize 42” to 48” deep pallet racks to store larger inventory transported by forklifts in one area. Then, place smaller handpicked items on shelves ranging from 12” to 24” deep and 7’ to 8’ high elsewhere. While viewed as the typical method that distribution centers and warehouses employ, it can create problems that can negatively impact your facility, including the following:

  • Unused overhead vertical space goes to waste
  • Wasted personnel time spent walking long distances to retrieve items
  • Reduction in picking efficiency

What alternative options do you have to choose from, which can help your organization alleviate these challenges and run smoother? Well, small parts bins for pallet racks, of course. Some have incorporated the slim-fit solution into their industrial application and recognize it as the perfect solution to better manage slower-moving, individually picked inventories. However, others have no idea that the hybrid storage solution between pallet racks and shelving exists and can help eliminate the concerns while saving space and improving pick efficiency. Most also still want to know how does high-density warehouse storage improve operations? If this includes you, look no further than this article, which provides an answer using the questions below. Click here to watch videos and read more articles, which explain how you can maximize your storage space using warehouse compact pallet racks.


How can small parts bins for pallet racks help your organization save space?

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Small parts bins for pallet racks are integrated into the lower levels to combine large palletized items with smaller handpicked items into the same area. The critical point of this type of storage system is the conversion of the lower pallet rack levels into bin storage for handpicked items. By combining the pallet storage and small part storage areas, you can consolidate SKUs into one convenient and more cost-efficient footprint that saves space. Sounds ideal for helping your organization save space, right? Wait until you hear the best part about using the slim-fit solution. Bin columns hanging from overhead tracks attached to pallet rack beams located 8’ to 9’ off the floor slide left or right while stacked up to four deep to maximize your pallet rack storage openings and save space for small parts.

Experts have provided a sample layout to explain how much space you could save using the small parts bins for pallet racks. When vertically suspended bins, stacked three rows deep, units can provide warehouses with an average of 38% more usable storage space. Some have reported achieving an 80% or 90% increase in space-savings, though, which is significantly higher when you segregate pallet rack areas with less active shelving areas. To ensure your space is optimized, specialized software helps to tailor the sliding bin units to your storage requirements. 

How does the rack storage improve order picking efficiency?

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pallet rack small part bins high density warehouse storage systemAlong with maximizing space, the modular rack storage can enhance productivity by bringing smaller parts closer to the point of use. The pockets are constructed from high-quality industrial fabric to match, which adds reusable value while protecting stored items. The sliding bin columns hold 220 lbs. and move from left to right on rollers, stacking bin rows up to four deep to maximize space. Bin columns slide side-to-side to access back rows. Since smaller items are concentrated in a compact footprint using vertical hanging bin columns, the staff has more products available to pick. Using this storage density method, employees typically have up to 42% less travel time, helping save time and improve order picking efficiency by 26%. The environmentally-sound pockets can also be barcoded and colored to improve picking accuracy. Warehouse areas with slower or limited forklift activity are the best areas to use these high capacity storage bins. 

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