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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Issues Maintenance & Repair Departs Have with Small Parts Storage

mobile sliding bin shelving with colored bins for small parts storage

Rapid growth, seasonal peaks, and facility consolidation are just some of the reasons you will run out of space for storing small parts. Also, poor space utilization is something frequently found in many storage areas. But according to the Pareto Rule – 80% of your handling is 20% of your inventory – most of your stored items remain inactive. Mobile sliding bin shelving ensures that your most active small parts are kept where they can be quickly and conveniently accessed to dramatically increase both space efficiency and productivity. (Shop online now for mobile sliding bin shelving)

Solving Space and Productivity Problems with Mobile Sliding Bin Shelving

Mobile sliding bin shelving compacts your small parts storage into less floor space. Shelving rows are stacked one in front of the other. You simply slide the front row along the tracks to access items in the back row. This configuration removes the access aisles required with static shelving, effectively making better use of your space.revit bim models

The best way store small parts in the mobile sliding shelving is to put small parts that are rarely accessed in the back and keep active small parts upfront for easy access. And the bins make it easy to group parts together and keep track of small items that might get lost in another set-up.

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Features of the Mobile Sliding Bin Shelving

Additional features of the mobile sliding bin shelving include:

  • Each shelf is adjustable vertically in 1-1/2" increments
  • Units come in two, three, and four deep configurations
  • All parts are powder coated with a textured finish
  • All shelves are supported with 2 heavy duty double rivet shelf supports
  • Each adjustable shelf is rated to hold 250 Lbs. with a total carrying weight of 1,500 lbs.
  • Uprights are made of heavy duty 18 gauge construction
  • Users can add storage capability at any time to meet future requirements
  • Smooth movement with leveling track, heavy-duty carriages and rubber stopsdouble deep mobile sliding bin shelving for storing small parts
  • Quality construction includes ball bearings and four wheels per carriage
  • Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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