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Bin Cabinets for Storing Small Parts

heavy duty steel bin storage cabinetHeavy-duty steel bin storage cabinets with drawers are a compact solution for storing small parts and are ideal for fitting into 5S and lean manufacturing standards, allowing you to save space, streamline, organize, and promote safety and best practices. The large number of bins allow small parts to be organized easily, while larger parts, tools, or dies can be stored on pull-out drawers.

Industrial-Grade Compact Parts Storage

The heavy-duty steel bin storage cabinets are constructed of 12-gauge steel and can be ordered in sizes from 36 to 48" wide and 72" tall with multiple standard sizing options. The cabinets include an adjustable 14-gauge steel shelf that can hold up to 1,900 pounds with four drawers that can hold up to 400 pounds each.

Cabinets come with 96 small bins in drawers. Along with the smaller bins, 16 larger bins for medium-sized parts and items are also within the body of the cabinet, allowing you the most versatile storage options. All bins can be removed for easy access to items.

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bin storage cabinet with drawers for storing small parts

The all-welded cabinet is built specifically for compact industrial use so it won't take up your valuable floor space. A three-point locking device is included with a hasp built into the handle for use with a padlock for added security. The cabinet legs are 6" tall and are welded to the body for extra stability for moving and lifting loaded cabinets with a forklift or pallet jack. It is recommended that the cabinet be anchored to the floor when loaded.

Heavy-duty steel bin storage cabinets are made durable to withstand the rigors of industrial storage while ensuring that your stored materials remain secure, organized, and compact.

All cabinets are manufactured in the USA and shipped fully assembled.

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