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Heavy-Duty Open Steel Shelving

bolt free open steel shelving commercial industrialBolt-free open steel shelving units are ideal to use as commercial and industrial heavy duty storage racks. The adjustable shelves, designed to accommodate heavy and bulky items, provide high visibility and airflow with their open design, and are easy to install with no tools required. Once you install a starter kit, you can also add onto the shelving with "adder units" that are just as easy to set in place for a flexible solution that adapts to your changing needs.

Industrial & Commercial Boltless Storage Racks

With their high visibility, the bolt-free open steel shelving allows for easy stocking and retrieval so employees can find items quickly and get back to productive tasks. The intermediate clip shelves are also adjustable in 1" increments and require no tools for adjustment or assembly, allowing you to easily customize the shelves to your needs so you can store multiple sizes and types of items in one place.

Additionally, these heavy-duty storage racks are made to withstand large capacities (up to 800 lbs). The shelves are engineered with a triple bend flange design on all four sides for added strength. Additional sway braces on shelving sides and backs provide extra stability. 

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Additional features and benefits include:

  • Available in 18 and 20 gauge steelcommercial industrial heavy duty storage racks
  • Triple bend flange design provides enhanced strength and durability
  • Open shelves provide high visibility and easy access to stored contents
  • Airflow on all sides prevents the buildup of dust
  • Shelf kits come with 4 offset posts with 1-inch holes, allowing easy customization
  • Bolt-free intermediate shelves attach with clips, which require no tools
  • Multiple post heights from 39" up to 147"
  • Shelf sizes range from 12 x 36 to 30 x 48
  • Shelves range from 400 lb - 800 lb capacity depending on size

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