Our public safety storage and filing solutions store and organize everything in a law enforcement facility so your department can maintain an accurate and secure chain of custody. Along with storing and maintaining evidence, we can help your facility store uniforms, gear, weapons, inmate property, and records. We can even provide casework solutions for command centers, laboratories, and jails.

Click on any of the products or services to below to watch videos and learn more about how each solution will address the storage and organizational needs of your law enforcement facility. If you have any questions or need to speak with a specialist, give us a call at 1 (800) 803-1083 or send us a message.


Southwest Solutions Group designs efficient, secure, and innovative public safety storage solutions. Our products are created with efficiency and security in mind, from evidence storage to lockers to weapons storage lockers to secure personal storage.

Police Equipment Storage Overview

Police Equipment Storage Overview

Evidence Lockers

Evidence lockers for your law enforcement facility include pass-thru, non-pass-thru, and refrigerated. The proper handling of evidence from the moment of confiscation to its submission in court is critical for your facility. Our evidence lockers are designed to make certain every type of evidence you collect is properly preserved to ensure its integrity.

Police Evidence Lockers

Police Evidence Lockers (read more)

Pass-through evidence lockers

Pass-through evidence lockers (read more)

Computerized evidence lockers

Digital Evidence Locker

High-Density Evidence Storage

High-density shelving for law enforcement storage easily adjusts, adapting to the wide range of property and evidence that needs to be stored. The high-density shelving maximizes storage and easily locks up for controlled access. Evidence, inmate property, records, weapons, and everything your law enforcement facility needs to get the job done can be kept in high density shelving.

Refrigerated high-density storage

Refrigerated High-Density Storage (read more)

Long-Term Evidence Storage

Long-Term Evidence Storage (read more)

High Density Evidence Shelving

High Density Evidence Shelving (read more)

High Density Pallet Racks

High Density Pallet Racks (read more)

Bike Racks

Large quantities of bikes take up a lot of floor space and make it difficult to organize them for quick retrieval. We have some creative ways to organize and store more bicycles in less floor space using wall hangers, overhead air space, and racks that double-stack bikes.

Wall-mounted bike Storage

Wall-mounted bike Storage (read more)

Overhead Bike Storage Lifts

Overhead Bike Storage Lifts (read more)

Inmate Property Storage

Detention centers, prisons, county jails, and other law enforcement facilities face the issue of how to store inmate property safely and efficiently. We offer space-efficient solutions to keep inmate property organized and secured for the short or long term.

Inmate property storage conveyor

Inmate property storage conveyors (read more)

Law Enforcement Furniture

We have a wide range of ergonomic law enforcement furniture, including command centers, dispatch workstations, PSAP consoles, crime lab workstations, and armory workstations to help improve your workplace environment.

Dispatch call center furniture

Dispatch call center furniture (read more)

Document Scanning

Our information management services improve the flow of information in your law enforcement offices, from CJIS-compliant document scanning services to RFID tracking, file storage, and archival record box storage. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Document Scanning for Law Enforcement Agencies

Document Scanning for Police Records (read more)

High Speed Document Scanning

High-Speed Document Scanning (read more)

Backfile Document Scanning

Backfile Document Scanning

File Storage

Public safety filing systems and equipment will ensure your department’s files remain organized. All of our systems are designed to maximize space and increase productivity. And with a wide range of shelving types and accessories, you can create the exact system that works best for your department.

Rotary File Cabinets

Rotary File Cabinets (read more)

Automated File Drawer Cabinets

Automated File Drawer Cabinets (read more)

Police Uniform Storage

Police gear lockers solve the space problem in your facility while providing for the storage needs of today’s law enforcement professionals. Officers are now carrying one or two pairs of handcuffs, a semi-automatic pistol, extra ammunition magazines, a radio, a flashlight, a taser, and gloves. In addition to gear, they have body armor, uniforms, and multiple types of shoes. Police gear lockers will handle all of this while providing maximum security.

Police uniform lockers video

Police Uniform Lockers (read more)

Police gear lockers

Ventilated Airflow Lockers (read more)

Police Tactical Gear Storage Lockers

Police Tactical Gear Storage Lockers (read more)

Police personal lockers

Police Storage Lockers (read more)

Police personal storage lockers

Police Personal Gear Storage Lockers (read more)

Public Safety Weapons Storage

Weapon and gun storage solutions are designed to keep everything from hand guns, long guns, knives, ammunition, and more safe and secure whether it’s in your facility or in an officer’s vehicle. Our solutions will keep your weapons organized in less space while making sure they remain highly accessible.

Remote vehicle trunk gun storage for police

Remote vehicle trunk gun storage (read more)

Pickup Truck Weapon Locker

Pickup Truck Weapon Locker (read more)

Biometric Pistol Vaults

Biometric Pistol Vaults (read more)

Smart Weapons, Radio, & Laptop Lockers

Smart Weapons, Radio, & Laptop Lockers

Under Seat Pick-Up Truck Locking Gun Cabinet

Under Seat Pick-Up Truck Locking Gun Cabinet

SUV Locking Gun Cabinet

SUV Locking Gun Cabinet