Providing for all your filing and storage public safety needs

Filing Systems and Evidence Handling Systems are essential to protecting public safety. The words “missing” and “tampering” have been used all too frequently when describing the “Chain of Custody”. A well designed system of documenting, organizing and securing case information and physical evidence,from the moment evidence is seized until it’s submission at trial can make the difference in serving justice.

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group has been designing and installing products the help maintain the chain of custody. From our information management systems to our evidence handling systems, we have the tools to make your facility more space efficient and productive.

Public Safety Filing and Information Management Systems

For years we have been helping our clients be more productive with our space saving color-coded filing solutions that help eliminate misfiled records. We also have a technology team to offer you the latest information management systems, document imaging solutions and RFID barcode scanning solutions. All of our information management solutions help your team provide the right documents when you need them.

Evidence Lockers and Evidence Handling and Storage Systems

Even the best evidence is useless if there is reasonable doubt that the evidence has been mishandled, or tampered with. By those in charge with keeping it secure. That’s why a clear, well-documented chain of custody must be maintained at all times providing indisputable proof that evidence has been stored securely and its integrity has been preserved, from the moment the evidence is seized until it’s presented in court.

We specialize in evidence storage solutions that bring integrity to the chain of custody. From tamper proof evidence lockers for the deposit and temporary storage of evidence to space saving evidence shelving solutions that can reduce your storage area in half or double your storage capacity in the same floorspace.

Public Safety Weapon Racks, Gun Cabinets, and Armory Storage

Southwest Solutions offers multiple Gun Storage, Rifle Storage and Weapon Racks ranging from high security weapon racks that meet SWAT physical security weapon storage requirements to quick-deploy weapon rack transport carts, non-secured gun and rifle racks, even gun and rifle racks for museum storage. Gun Storage, Rifle Storage and Weapon Racks provide secure storage for a variety of weapon types.

Public Safety Facilities that use our Filing and Storage products:

  • Law Enforcement (Police, SWAT, Sheriff)
  • Homeland Security
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Crime Labs
  • Fire Departments
  • Courts of Law (District Attorney, U.S. Attorneys, U.S. District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Federal Appellate Courts, Parole Offices, U.S. Marshals Office)

Storage Product Solutions:

  • Evidence Storage Lockers (Pass Through Evidence Lockers, Non Pass Through Evidence Lockers, Refrigerated Evidence Lockers, Evidence Drying Lockers)
  • Sally Port storage shelving and storage lockers
  • Evidence Storage Shelving including High Density Storage Shelving
  • Specialty Storage Solutions (Bike Storage Racks, Fire Hose Storage Racks, Narcotic Storage Shelving and DNA & Blood Sample Cabinets, Sexual Assault Kit storage)
  • General Supply Storage Shelving (Clothing & Linens Shelving, Food & Commissary Shelving, Dry Goods, Office Supplies, Personal Property & Inmate Property Shelving)
  • Medical Supplies Storage and Pharmacy Shelving
  • Maintenance Shelving, Tools Cabinets
  • Armory Storage Racks, Weapon Racks, Firearm Shelving, Handgun Lockers and Gun Lockers, Taser Gun Racks, Weapons Testing & Storage Racks, Ammunition Storage
  • Law Enforcement Gear Lockers for Uniforms and Tactical Gear
  • Box Storage Shelving

Filing Product Solutions:

  • File Rooms (Case files, Court Records, Classification Records, Inmate Records, Medical Records, Personnel files, Fingerprints, Blueprints, Transcripts)
  • Document Imaging Systems and Barcode Tracking Systems
  • Media Storage Shelving (DVDs, videos, Audio Tapes, CDs, Photographs, etc…)
  • Deed Book Storage Shelving
  • Mailroom Furniture, Document Sorting Stations, Copy Center Workstations
  • Law Library Shelving, Book Shelving, Reference Materials
  • Modular Millwork, Modular Casework for Crime Labs

Public Safety Storage and Filing Planning and Design Professionals

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of public safety storage and filing professionals are experts in designing and planning all types of public safety facilities. Our public safety specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your filing and storage area and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions to save floor space and people time.