Property and Evidence Handling and Storage Systems

The handling of property and evidence from the point of confiscation to court date is critical for law enforcement facilities. Having the proper Evidence Room Storage Systems and equipment in place is imperative to ensure that evidence is documented and where you need it when going to court. Southwest Solutions Group specializes in evidence storage systems that bring integrity to the chain of custody.

High Security Temporary Lockers for Law Enforcement Evidence Storage

Temporary evidence storage lockers make work easy and secure for police officers. They can log, process, and package their evidence; then deposit the evidence in a secure “pass through locker”. Pass through evidence lockers allow officers to deposit and secure evidence with a press of a button. Evidence room storage personnel are able to retrieve deposited evidence inside the evidence storage room without officers entering into the storage area. The keyless system is great because once the button has been pushed, the locker cannot be reopened.

The evidence lockers come in a variety of sizes to store all types and sizes of evidence such as long guns, oversized packages, small envelopes, and even refrigerated materials.revit bim models

Saving Space Inside the Property and Evidence Storage Room with High Density Shelving

Long term police evidence is kept on shelving inside the evidence property storage room. With today’s rapidly changing regulations on how long evidence must be held, property rooms are being required to store more items in less space. High density mobile shelving will double the storage capacity of your property and evidence without expanding your floor space. High density mobile shelving has racks and shelves to store any type or size of evidence, from long guns, hand guns, files, and anything else, making evidence easy to find when you need it. Also, high density mobile shelving units can roll together to provide additional security for stored evidence.

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Let Us Assist You in the Design and Planning Your Evidence Handling Storage Equipment

If you’re ready to organize your property and evidence in a secure storage system that saves space contact us or give us a call 1-800-803-1083. Our team of sales engineers will assist you in the design process, answer any questions you may have, and provide estimates for your project.




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