The Vertical Lift’s Inventory Management Softwareenhance accuracy with inventory management software that has light directed picking

Vertical Lifts are enclosed storage machines that have locking doors to protect inventory and secure parts from pilferage. They extend up to 60′ in the air to use vertical space and reduce your storage footprint by 80% compared to traditional bin shelving. Vertical Lifts deliver parts on large partitioned trays to an ergonomically positioned work counter. Vertical Lifts also have inventory management software to maintain inventory control. The inventory management software will enhance picking productivity and accuracy for your material handling facility. The inventory management software controls inventory supply levels to reduce costs and automatically reorder parts, which will prevent stock-outs. The inventory management software will also help process kits and batch orders. (view images of Vertical Lifts) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How the Inventory Management Software Works

The inventory management software is available as a stand alone package or will interface with your existing computer software systems. The software is capable of batching orders and like parts together to improve productivity and accuracy. The inventory management software sends picking instructions to the Vertical Lifts and drives the Vertical Lift delivering the part storage trays to the ergonomic pick workstation for the operator to pull. The picking work counter has LED lights that point to the exact bin location and displays the part number and quantity of parts for the operator to pull. When the operator completes each transaction, the Vertical Lift automatically delivers the next storage tray for the next pick transaction for fast and accurate picking.

enhances picking productivity with the vertical lift's inventory management softwareThe Vertical Lifts with inventory management software provide a safer more productive work environment for workers by reducing travel to pick parts, walking up and down mezzanine stairs carrying parts, and climbing ladders to reach and retrieve parts. The storage system reduces the time wasted doing all of these things and provides a safe productive environment to accurately pick parts.

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