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Specialty Motorized Vertical Carousels Videos

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Rolled Textile, Fabric, & Vinyl Storage Carousels

These automated carousels make storing upholstery, textiles, fabrics, vinyl, and other rolled materials safe and efficient. Some of the benefits of these carousels are space savings, enhanced productivity, the safety of materials, and personnel. Click here to learn more about specialty motorized vertical carousels.

Upholstery & Textile Vertical Storage Carousels (read more)

Storage Carousels for Rolls of Fabric & Vinyl (read more)

Wire Spool Storage Automated Carousel

Wire spool carousels automatically bring all types of wire, cables, hoses, and other reel materials to an ergonomic level to speed retrieval, eliminate injuries, and save floor space.

Wire Spool Storage & Dispensing Carousels (read more)

Vertical Tire Storage Carousel

Tire carousels provide selectivity while maximizing storage space, and increase worker productivity and safety. With the push of the button, tires rotate for easy loading and unloading.

Motorized Tire Carousel Storage Racks (read more)

Garment Carousels

Garment storage carousels organize clothing for quick retrieval. These vertical carousels convert overhead air space into storage space to maximize the building footprint.

Rotating Carousels Storing Hanging Clothes & Garments (read more)

Push-Button Vertical Garment Storage Carousels (read more)

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