General Storage Lifts

Storage lifts take advantage of overhead “air space” to save floorspace and enhance productivity. The benefits of using overhead space keep more products on-site where needed and reduce costs associated with building floorspace.

Overhead Security Cart Storage (read more)

Wall Mounted Automatic Lift Rolling Overhead Storage (read more)

Automated Overhead Platform Lifts Optimize Retail Storage Space (read more)

Motorized Overhead Flat Screen TV & Electronics Ceiling Mounted Retail Lifts (read more)

Ceiling Mounted Cage Lift & Store Systems Push-Button Automatic Overhead Storage (read more)

Ceiling Lifting Platforms Storing Rolling Security Carts Dollies Cages (read more)

Athletic Storage Lifts

Athletic storage lifts are perfect for storing large laundry tubs and equipment carts used for away games off the floor and out of the way. These storage lifts keep less active items off the floor and out of the way to enhance productivity and storage capacity.   go back to the top

Ceiling-Mounted Lifts for Athletic Cages & Bulky Sports Equipment

Wall Mounted Laundry Cart Automatic Lift Storage Platform

Specialty Storage Lifts

Specialty storage lifts attached to the wall or ceiling to maximize the storage floorspace. Some of these applications include storing wheelchairs, bicycles, tires, and helicopter blades.    go back to the top

Wheelchair Storage Lift (read more)

Electric Bicycle Ceiling Lifts (read more)

Tire Storage Lifts (read more)

Overhead Tire Storage Racks

Helicopter Rotor Blade Motorized Ceiling Storage Lift (read more)

Garment & Clothing Lifts

Garment and clothing storage lifts raise items off the floor to maximize storage and minimize storage floorspace. These unique storage units lift slower-moving products to be stored overhead and keep active items on the floor for quick and easy access.   go back to the top

Automatic Wall Racks for Clothes & Mobile Carts (read more)

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