Overview & Operation

This video is a short overview video of the Horizontal Carousel’s operation (see more articles on Horizontal Carousels).

Horizontal Carousels Overview (read more)

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software integrates with your ERP and WMS software to optimize picking processes for Batch Picking, Kitting, Multi-User-Picking, Zone Handling, Dynamic Zones, and Area Handling. The software maintains real-time inventory, tracks transactions, and much more.    go back to the top

Order Picking Software (read more)

Productivity, Accuracy, & Kitting

These videos demonstrate the productivity and accuracy features of the Horizontal Carousels. Some of the features include pick-to-light showing the picker the exact bin to pick from. Also, the light bar displays the part number and quantity of items to pick.    go back to the top

Fast & Accurate Parts Picking (read more)

Improving Productivity (read more)

Parts Batch Picking (read more)

Space Savings

These videos feature space savings benefits of Horizontal Carousels. These carousels will reduce the space required for storing parts up to 70% compared to traditional shelving.    go back to the top

Maximizing Your Floor Space (read more)

Case Studies

These case studies show the benefits other customers have experienced using Horizontal Carousels.    go back to the top

Distribution Center Case Study (read more)

Parts Distribution Supplier Case Study (read more)

Hospital Materials Management Case Study (read more)

Automated Horizontal Carousel for Hospital Supply (read more)