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Storage For Heavy Tools, Dies, & Molds

vlm goods to person automated storageTools, dies, and molds are present in most manufacturing and production lines, but they are often stored inefficiently. These items can be expensive, heavy, and very difficult to store in a way that promotes organization, ergonomics, and space efficiency. When not stored correctly, retrieving and preparing tools, dies, or molds is challenging and can slow down operations. Goods-to-person automated storage in vertical lifts for tools, dies, and molds provides secure and space-saving storage while improving ergonomics and production line efficiency. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

The Advantages of Vertical Lifts

Storing both smaller and larger, heavier dies can be a challenge. Often, smaller dies are stored in shelving and heavier dies are stored on roller racks. To locate dies, employees have to search through aisles of shelving, climb up ladders to retrieve parts, or lift heavy dies from lower shelves. This retrieval process leaves the potential for injury, in addition to slowing production down with the time it takes to find and manually retrieve tools, dies, or molds.

tools dies molds storage in vertical liftsThe vertical lifts eliminate ergonomic and storage issues with their automated goods-to-person principle that delivers stored items directly to the operator. Employees no longer have to spend time searching for what they need, since inventory management software automatically brings the requested items to a waist-high work counter at the push of a button. This quick delivery allows employees to find, stage, and prepare for the next tool, die, or mold change efficiently. Hoists, cranes, and lifts are also easily integrated with the lifts for heavy parts.

In addition to organization, ergonomics, and efficiency, the vertical lifts also save space and clear up floor areas for additional operations. With inventory management software, the lifts can also record transactions and provide detailed user records. Security measures can also be implemented to provide a high level of both security and accountability.

Since the vertical lifts are enclosed systems, they also protect stored tools, dies, and molds from dust and ensures that they are kept clean.

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