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Last updated: October 05, 2020

Automated Order Pick-to-Light Systems

automated pick to light systemMany companies don't realize how much money they're losing per year due to inefficient order fulfillment. All of this extra time spent managing inventory could be greatly reduced or eliminated with automated pick-to-light systems with paperless order batch picking and putting. These systems integrate with automated vertical storage systems to increase efficiencies and improve accuracy and throughput to decrease overhead costs. (See videos see videos)

Increase Order picking Accuracy

When integrated with vertical storage, the automated pick-to-light systems direct the system operator to the exact location and quantity of items to pick for an order. The laser light is mounted to a slider that moves on a guiding system that points to the specified item. A lightbar displays the exact part number, quantity, and location of the pick. Additionally, these systems are modular and customizable for seamless integration into your workflow. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

This system also reduces or eliminates the need to keep paper records. Inventory tracking technology ensures that orders and stock levels are accurate, and reports can be generated at any time. This also reduces time spent accounting for inventory even during peak work hours.

Combined with vertical storage solutions, the automated pick-to-light systems can:

  • increase order picking productivity by up to 400%paperless order batch picking putting
  • save up to 85% of warehouse floor space
  • increase picking accuracy rates up to 99.9%
  • improve ergonomics and safety
  • lower labor costs
  • reduce or eliminate time spent walking and searching

Click here to learn more about automated storage solutions for paperless order batch picking and putting.

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