Safe & Secure Mobile Pallet Rack Storage

safe rack industrial mobile storage spokane yakima coeur d aleneSafe rack industrial mobile storage is an ergonomic pallet racking system with multiple safety and usability features that protect stored materials and personnel while cutting your used floor space in half. Industrial mobile pallet racking systems are available to all types of facilities and warehouses in Spokane, Yakima, Coeur d’alene, and throughout the state of Washington.

The industrial mobile storage compacts aisles together to eliminate space between rows of shelving. This pallet racking system only requires one or two movable aisles that open and close when and where they’re needed, providing full access to materials in much less space then traditional pallet racks. Depending on your specific storage needs, industrial mobile storage is available in light to medium-duty or medium to-heavy duty options with multiple safety features.

Light to Medium-Duty Mobile Racking

Light to medium-duty mobile pallet racks are available in mechanical-assist or powered operation and are built to store up to 7,000 pounds. This makes them durable enough for heavy-duty storage needs while still remaining versatile for almost any storage from records to industrial equipment. To maximize the space you already have and save on costs, your existing shelves can also be mounted onto the mobile carriages.

Medium to Heavy-Duty Mobile Racking

The medium to heavy-duty mobile pallet racking provides a long-term solution for storing heavy items while providing efficiency and 100% access in less space. Each carriage holds up to 16,000 pounds to accommodate heavy-duty storage and can be combined with existing pallet racks to save space. Aisles are wide enough for forklift maneuverability, and with a push of a button users can quickly access what they need.

Safety & Security Features

  • Systems close and lock when not in usepallet racking system mobile spokane yakima coeur d alene
  • Powered systems can be programmed for controlled, selective access; for example, for the general public or restricted to authorized personnel
  • UL system listed and CSA approved
  • Minimum of one safety sweep included
  • Photo sweep sensor for powered mobile racking: infrared light beam is projected the length of the carriage and stops system’s movement when broken by an object
  • Safety sweep for mechanical assist racks automatically stops carriage movement upon contact with an obstacle
  • Aisle-entry sensors for powered units stop the system from moving when someone enters a closing aisle
  • Zero force sensor for powered units projects multiple infrared beams across an open aisle to detect entry or presence in a moving aisle and automatically locks carriage movement
  • Soft stops ensure that stored items are not jostled during stops or movement

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