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Does your healthcare facility have beds, stretchers or gurneys that aren’t in use or waiting for repair lining corridors? The beds not only clutter your hallways, they can be a major hazard for staff and patients. What if there was a way of stacking stretchers and gurneys vertically to clear your hallways and organize them in less space? Now there is with Overhead Bed Racks. In fact, you can store up to 5 beds in the same space as 1 with this innovative new product. We design and install Overhead Bed Racks for healthcare facilities in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett Yakima, Renton throughout the state of Washington. (view images of Overhead Bed Racks)

How the Overhead Bed Racks Work to Stack Stretchers & Gurneys Vertically

overhead bed racks seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima rentonOverhead Bed Racks have a footprint a little bigger than a single hospital bed. The beds are stacked on top of each other all the way up to the ceiling to conserve floor space. How the Overhead Bed Racks work is by positioning the first bed onto the lift and raised up, which opens up the space underneath the bed for the next unit. The Overhead Bed Racks are also controlled by a single push of a button, which makes them very easy to operate. 

Overhead Bed Racks are available in a standard width of 52 1/2″ and depth of 103″ and are available in three different heights to facilitate storing multiple beds, stretchers, and gurneys vertically.

  • 3 bed storage at 95 1/2″ vertical height
  • 4 bed storage at 122 1/2″ vertical height
  • 5 bed storage at 149 1/2″ vertical height

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revit bim modelsSouthwest Solutions Group® provides design, planning, and installation services for Overhead Bed Racks in in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Renton and the rest of the Washington area. Contact us today by phone at (425) 354-3311 or send us a message to find out more about how Overhead Bed Racks will help your hospital clear their hallways and save space.

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