Rollok Rolling Doors and Shelving Security Shutterrollock high density shelving secures your files while providing attractive look to your office Houston Beaumont Galveston Corpus Brownsville Tx

Southwest Solutions Group designs and installs Rollok Rolling Doors and shelving door shutters in Houston, Beaumont, Galveston, Corpus Christie, Brownsville, and throughout the state of Texas. Rollok Rolling Doors provide a professional look while providing flexible security for many different types of shelving and racks in numerous applications. Rolling doors and security shutters and are made in standard widths up to 12’ wide and standard heights up to 20’ (view rolling security door and shutter image gallery).

Rollok Rolling Doors and Security Shutters Have Numerous Applications

These rolling doors and shutters have numerous uses beyond what you would normally think. Here are some examples:

  • Rolling doors can be used on all types of shelving and storage racks (even wooden shelving and mail room sort modules). Secure open shelving storing office files, medical charts, supplies, or even warehouse storage racks.
  • Rolling doors can be placed on can be installed on a wall opening in the place of a hinged door to secure a room.
  • Rolling shutters can be used to secure a counter window opening in an office, kitchen, or service counter.
  • Rolling doors can even be mounted on shelving units to secure a shelving access aisle.rolling rollok security doors on warehouse pallet racks Houston Beaumont Galveston Corpus Brownsville Tx

How Does Rollok Rolling Doors Work?

The Rollok rolling doors mounts on top of shelving units or a work counter openings and roll up into an overhead compartment. The doors are made of aluminum and are easy to open and close manually. Unlike traditional hinged doors, Rollok roll up doors do not require space in front of the shelving to open so they can be used in tight areas where access space is limited.
There are three optional controls to open and close overhead tambour security doors.

  • Manual Doors-The first option is to manually open and close them like you would a garage door. Because the doors are very light-weight, they are easy to open and close manually. The handle is placed at an ergonomic waste-high level so that you don’t have to bend over to when opening the doors.
  • Remote Controlled Doors- The second option is by a handheld remote control device. You can easily open and close the rolling doors with the simple press of a button.12 ' wide rolling security Houston Beaumont Galveston Corpus Brownsville Tx
  • Touch pad Controlled Doors- The third option is a touch pad that is located on the side or near the storage cabinet. Simply key in your unique security code to open and close the door. This is excellent for security because you can set a code that only you or authorized personnel know, which means you can control who has access to the files or other stored items.

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