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Real Solutions for How to Improve Workplace Productivity for Austin, TX BusinessesMobile File Storage Shelving Austin Waco Killeen San Marcos Round Rock San Angelo

The internet is filled with articles giving you advice on how to improve workplace productivity, but all they tell you is that you need to create organization; there is no further information on how to really do it. At Southwest Solutions Group® we not only provide you with information on how to improve workplace productivity, we offer all kinds of product solutions – like Mobile File Storage Shelving – that will help you accomplish getting organized. Mobile File Storage Shelving will improve workplace productivity by saving floor space and centralizing your filing system. We provide Mobile File Storage Shelving to all types businesses in Austin, Waco, Killeen, San Marcos, Round Rock, San Angelo, and throughout Central Texas. (pictures of Mobile File Shelving)

Mobile Shelving for Storing Files Austin Waco Killeen San Marcos Round Rock San AngeloMobile File Storage Shelving Saves Floor Space

To create an organization and improve workplace productivity, you need something to store your files. And not just any something, you need equipment that will save space but be easy for all employees to access. Mobile File Storage Shelving fits that bill. Mobile File Storage Shelving will allow you to save floor space because the innovative shelving system removes unnecessary access aisles that take up floorspace. The Mobile File Storage Shelving rolls together on floor tracks to compact together. When you need to access files in the shelving, just push a button or turn a handle and the system will create an access aisle for you. Mobile File Storage Shelving typically saves 50% of your floor space, which means in the same area you can double your storage capacity.

Centralize Files to Improve Workplace Productivity

The space savings provided by the Mobile File Storage Shelving is great for centralizing filing areas, which in turn improves workplace productivity. The Mobile File Storage Shelving easily houses files and record storage boxes without the need of having to open drawers. Creating an organized filing system with a Mobile File Storage Shelving creates a system where everyone knows exactly where things are to save time and improve workplace productivity.

Improve Workplace Productivity Even More with a Color Coded Filing SystemColor coded filing system Austin Waco Killeen San Marcos Round Rock San Angelo

Studies have shown that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time. Time spent searching for misplaced files, not in the cost of filing equipment or filing supplies but people time. Color coded filing systems assign colored labels to certain key letters or numbers of the file name. Assigning colors to key letters or numbers creates blocks of color or color bars when like numbers or letters are organized in your Mobile File Storage Shelving, which will increase filing accuracy and reduce costly misfiles. Making files easier to locate and reducing misplaced files will also greatly improve workplace productivity.

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mobile file storage shelving plan drawing Austin Waco Killeen San Marcos Round Rock San AngeloIf you are in Austin, Waco, Killeen, San Marcos, Round Rock, San Angelo, or anywhere in Central Texas, call us today at 512-336-1328 or send us a message to schedule an appointment with one of our storage and filing professionals. Our sales engineers will help you design and plan the perfect Mobile File Storage Shelving and filing accessories to improve workplace productivity.

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