CSI spec 11 53 13 fume hoods

csi 11 53 13 laboratory fume hoods houston beaumont port arthur huntsville galveston alvin baytown lufkin pasadenaCSI 11 53 13 laboratory fume hoods for lab ventilation provide both air filtration and fume extraction for these sensitive environments. ADA compliant, bypass, add-air, and variable air laboratory fume hoods are available to labs in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Huntsville, Galveston, Alvin, Baytown, Lufkin, Pasadena, and throughout the state of Texas.

types of lab ventilation fume hoods

CSI 11 52 13 laboratory fume hoods all include chemical-resistant resin-chem interiors, PVC interiors, or stainless steel interiors. Vertical, horizontal, or a combination of sashes and dash guides are available in a variety of materials, including PVC and stainless steel. The fume hoods can be installed with manual or remote baffle adjustment and provide easy access for surface fixture installation. Types of laboratory fume hoods available include:

ADA compliant fume hoods: Designed specifically to meet the needs of wheelchair operators, these fume hoods deliver all the features and capabilities of standard fume hoods with ADA accommodations built in at an affordable price.

Bypass fume hoods: Designed for when the amount of air being supplied into the room is adequate enough to accommodate the exhaust volume of the fume hood. The upper bypass functions automatically by raising and lowering the sash window and the lower bypass provides continuous air sweeps.lab ventilators houston beaumont port arthur huntsville galveston alvin baytown lufkin pasadena

Add air fume hoods: Alternative to bypass fume hoods, for when there isn’t enough air supply available for air filtration. By introducing outside air through the add air plenum, these fume hoods provide up to 70% of the hood exhaust requirements and minimize the amount of conditioned room air required.

Variable air volume fume hoods: Designed for use with an adjustable damper system in the ductwork and are ideal for when air consumption and energy costs are a concern. With a variable air control system, these fume hoods put you in control of exactly how much air is consumed. The fume hoods also contain a lintel that restricts air intake of the hood to the sash opening and lower bypass. Fume Hood Checklist.

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