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Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs Borroughs Corporation storage products in Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, San Antonio, Austin and throughout the state of Texas. Borroughs Corporation storage products are adaptive to meet your individual storage needs (view museum solutions home page).

Borroughs Storage Products for Museums and Archives

Borroughs museum cabinet products ensure collections are safe and organized while saving valuable floor space. Here are just a few of the museum and archival storage options available (view museum cabinet photos).

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  • Entomology Cabinets
  • Flat Files Cabinets
  • Garment Racks and Costume Shelving
  • Geology Cabinets
  • Herbarium and Botany Cabinets
  • Museum Bulk Storage Racks
  • Curatorial Carts
  • Specimen Tanks

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Borroughs Storage Products for the Office

If you need to store files, books, or multimedia, Borroughs has several storage options that keep items clearly visible and close at hand, which greatly reduces retrieval time. Here are just a couple of products that can save you floor space and increase efficiency.

  • Record Master®: You get the advantages of convenient open shelving combined with quality construction to storage your office files in less space compared to traditional filing cabinets.
  • Wilsonstak® Shelving: Wilsonstak® shelving products can store many different types of media and keep you organized.

    borroughs storage products cabinets shelving racks dallas fort worth abilene austin san antonio tx

Borroughs Storage Products for Industrial and Automotive Applications

Borroughs provides a variety of storage options that will maximize your storage space’s potential. Here are just a few Borroughs products that can save you floor space while keeping you organized.

  • Multi-Level Mezzanines: These multi-level mezzanine systems are a great alternative to new construction because they take advantage of unused overhead space and convert it to productive storage space.
  • Box Edge Plus® and High Density Drawers®: The open shelving is efficient and durable and when combined with these drawers maximum storage capacity and storage versatility are created.
  • Rivet Span®: These wide span open shelves are great for bulk storage and record box storage. They are simple and practical because they can be assembled in minutes using only a rubber mallet.

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