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Deep Freezer Pharmaceutical Storage

biotech pharmaceutical company space saver high density fort worth wichita falls abilene sherman san angelo killeen arlington irvingPharmaceutical companies store items that can quickly take up a lot of space, especially when these items need specialized storage systems such as freezers. Freezer space also uses a lot of energy, and the more space that is used, the higher the costs. Biotech and pharmaceutical mobile compact shelving are designed for use in lab deep freezers for storing tissue samples and other biological items that require cold storage in Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Sherman, Abilene, San Angelo, Killeen, Arlington, Irving, and throughout the state of Texas. Click here to watch a video showing how the mobile compact shelving works.

Space-Saving Lab Freezer Compact Mobile Shelving

Static shelving quickly eats up your space, but there are few compact storage systems that can be installed in cold and freezer areas. One pharmaceutical company faced this exact issue while undergoing a building renovation. Since freezer space is so expensive, they wanted to reduce their footprint to make use of the storage areas they already had without expanding their facility or resorting to costly off-site storage. However, this wouldn't be an easy task with over 4,600 boxes of tissue samples that needed to be stored in a 20 x 20 ft walk-in freezer kept at -4ºF. Lastly, any storage solution would need to be able to withstand the boxes' heavy loads.

mobile compact shelving lab deep freezer tissue samples fort worth wichita falls abilene sherman san angelo killeen arlington irving

A mobile compact shelving system was designed with customized shelf opening sizes to fit the boxes without any wasted space. The compact system itself provides the most storage capacity in the least amount of space with its ability to roll together when not in use. Using the rotating handles, users simply open the aisle they need to access. Static shelving, on the other hand, requires that every aisle is open and taking up space at all times. The new compact system also allows users to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort by rotating the handles.

Since condensation is also a concern in freezer environments, storage systems also need to be resistant to rust. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and easy to keep clean, so surface-mounted stainless steel rails were installed in the system. This also provides even distribution of heavy loads and precision alignment for ease of carriage operation. The shelving was sealed with powder-coated paint to further prevent the accumulation of rust.

Now, the biotech pharmaceutical company utilizes a hygienic and efficient storage system that allows tissue samples to remain organized and accessible even at extreme freezer temperatures. Click here to see more about how mobile compact shelving saves space and improves efficiency.

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