Space Saving Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

Space in your healthcare facility is a valuable commodity. With all the equipment and supplies that need to be stored and managed, it’s easy to become disorganized and run out of space. Because limited budgets don’t allow for costly expansions, you’ve got to make the best possible use of the space you have. We offer numerous types of space saving solutions for healthcare facilities in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, Southaven, and throughout the state of Tennessee that need to improve equipment and supply saving solutions healthcare memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southaven

Types of Space Saving Solutions

There are a wide variety of space saving solutions that will increase efficiencies in your healthcare facility. Listed below are just a few. (You can click here to learn more about all of our available space saving solutions)

High Density Mobile Shelving

High density mobile shelving maximizes space by removing unnecessary access aisles to compact rows of shelving. When compared to traditional file cabinets, mobile shelving allows you to double your storage capacity or cut your storage floor space in half. You can use mobile shelving to store anything, including patient records, surgical supplies, wheelchairs, and so much more.

Medical Modular Casework

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Medical modular casework is a cost-effective alternative to built-in furniture and cabinets. The casework can be used anywhere traditional furniture is installed, including clinics, laboratories, sterile cores, pharmacies, operating rooms, morgues, reception areas, nurse stations, and more. But unlike built-in furniture, medical modular casework can be moved or relocated any time your needs change.

Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels will improve logistics in your healthcare facility’s supply chain so that you can reduce operating costs and enhance patient care. The carousels operate on the “goods to person” principle, which means stored medical supplies are delivered directly to the employee. Also, the carousels are equipped with inventory management software to provide accurate real-time information for traceability and to reduce stock levels and stock-outs.

Vertical Carouselshealthcare equipment supply storage memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southaven

Vertical carousels rotate to automatically bring requested items to an ergonomically positioned work counter, eliminating the search for stored items. The carousels also extend vertically to maximize the use of space. You can store a variety of items in vertical carousels, and they are particularly good for storing paraffin blocks, glass slides, and medical records.

Wire Shelving & Carts

Wire shelving and carts provide protection from dust and fire along with better visibility and air circulation. The wire shelving and carts are also an excellent solution for clean room and sterile environments. Wire shelving comes in many different configurations to save space, including high density, sliding side-to-side, stacked on tracks, and more.

Medical Carts

Medical carts provide a mobile storage solution when specific medical supplies are required in rooms throughout the hospitals. Medical carts come in different layouts to provide one, two, or three columns of storage with different accessories to custom design the interiors to a specific task. Crash carts can be used to store medical trauma supplies in the ER while surgical carts can be used to transport supplies from the sterile core and the operating room. Also, medical carts can be fitted with a locking tambour doors for secure storage.

Determining Which Space Saving Solution is Right for Your Hospital

When designing for storage in your hospital, efficient space planning helps you decide on the right storage system. For example, depending on the room, you might need a solution that uses more vertical space, or you might need a solution that’s on wheels.

Another thing to take into consideration is how to help your staff increase their productivity with the new space saving storage systems. A workflow analysis will help you in determining which solution will be best for equipment and supply storage. For example, keeping frequently used medical equipment and supplies closest to the point-of-use helps improve productivity and promotes first in, first out.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides space planning and workflow analysis services along with design and installation for a variety of space saving solutions to healthcare facilities in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, and Southaven. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the installation process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at (901) 202-0480 or send us a message today.

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