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Motorized Push Button Powered Shelves

In Memphis, Tennessee we design, deliver, install, and service motorized push button shelving and powered shelves. These powered high densitycompact shelvingsystems save valuable floorspace and time compared to using traditional file cabinets or static shelving. Motorized push button shelving consist of mounting shelving or cabinets on tracks that slide back and forth to condense materials to save floorspace. Motorized push button shelving enhances productivity by providing quicker and safer access to stored materials. These electrically powered shelves allow you to push a button to move thousands of pounds of stored materials. Condensing stored materials in push buttonhigh density shelving allows you to lease less office or warehouse space, or build smaller energy efficient buildings. Keep your facility green friendly by condensing your storage areas with a space saving motorized push button shelving system.

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Push Button Shelving and Motorized Powered Shelves

The Southwest Solutions Group’s Memphis office serves the state of Tennessee with all their motorized push button shelving andpowered shelves requirements. One of the advantages of working with us for these powered shelves that condense storage is our unique no hassle rail system that (in most cases) eliminates the need to reinforce floors when condensing materials in a motorized push button shelvingsystem on upper floor levels. We have a long list of clients that have saved a lot of money and tenant improvement dollars because they didn’t have to reinforce their floors when installing a compact powered push button shelving system.

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If you are located in Memphis, TN, call us today and we will work closely with you to design a manual, mechanical assisted or push-button high density shelving system that meets your needs and saves you valuable floor space.

Southwest Solutions Group is located in Memphis, Tennessee to better serve your high density shelving needs. Call us today at 901-202-0480 for a free analysis of your filing or storage area. For more information send us a message and we will connect you with your local representative.

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