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Mobile Storage Shelving with Moveable Floating Aisles

Mobile Storage Shelving with moveable floating access aisles is a space saving storage or filing system that also increases worker productivity (click here to view manual mobile shelving gallery). The Mobile Storage Shelving Code 10670 of the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) greatly reduces storage floor space. For example, a mobile filing system uses about one third of the floor space compared to traditional filing cabinets, and the mobile storage shelving system uses about half the floor space compared to traditional storage shelves (click here to see video of motorized mobile shelving). Southwest Solutions Group® installs and designs Mobile Storage Shelving 10670 in Memphis, Jackson, and the state of Tennessee.

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Mobile Storage Shelving 10670 with Moveable Floating Aisles Store Practically Anything

Along with floor space savings, Moveable Floating Aisle Shelves are very flexible. Besides having easily adjustable shelves, drawers and doors can be added to configure your system to store a wide variety of products. Here are just a few examples of items that can be stored on Mobile Storage Shelving under CSI Code 10670:

  • Archival record file box shelves
  • Owner supplied file cabinets, shelving units or racks
  • Clean Room storage shelving and cabinets of all types
  • Athletic gear storage racks
  • Healthcare pharmaceutical and patient chart shelving
  • Museum artwork and artifact racks and cabinets
  • Military mobility bag cabinets and armory weapon racks
  • Law Enforcement evidence shelving, weapon cabinets, and uniform racks
  • Library book shelving
  • Industrial pallet racks
  • Office filing cabinets

Mobile Storage Shelving Planning and Design Assistance

mobile parts bins shelving construction specification csi 10670 manual shelves Memphis Jackson Oxford TupeloCall us today at (901) 202-0480 for a free analysis to see if Mobile Storage Shelving makes sense for your facility. Southwest Solutions Group serves Memphis and the state of Tennessee with all their Mobile Storage Shelving and Moveable Floating Aisles Shelves needs.

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