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library design systems high density mobile memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southavenA variety of library design systems including high density mobile sliding shelving, library furniture, high bay archival storage, display shelves, and more are available for all types of libraries in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, Southaven, and throughout the state of Tennessee. Read on to learn more about beautiful library design systems to save space and provide usability and organization.

High Density Mobile Shelving

High density mobile shelving works by eliminating the extra space taken up by aisles between rows of shelves. With the push of a button or turn of a handle, users access individual aisles that are compacted together. This compact design provides more storage in a smaller footprint than static shelving, and can even reduce your used floor space by 50% or double your storage capacity in the same space. Click here to watch a video showing how the high density mobile shelving systems work.

High Bay Archival Storage

High may mobile shelving uses the same concept for high density shelving. Since the shelves can reach up to 35 feet, they’re great for use in off-site archival storage facilities and depositories. At five times the height of traditional shelving, the high bay systems utilize your vertical space to condense your storage into a small footprint. Click here to watch a video showing how the high bay archival storage systems work.

Library Design Furniture

mobile rotary filing furniture sliding memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southavenWe have a large collection of modular library design furniture, desks, seating, benches, casework, and more to add functionality and aesthetics to your library to facilitate a comfortable learning and collaborative environment. Click here to view the available library design furniture options.

Library Display Shelving

Adjustable library storage and display shelving is available in many sizes, finishes, and options to choose from. Whether you need to store books, periodicals, reference texts, newspapers, journals, magazines, or computer media, there is a library shelving solution to meet your exact needs. Click here to shop for library display shelving online.

Sliding Art Racks

Sliding and pull-out art racks are designed to safely store and display hanging paintings and other artwork to save floor space and improve preservation efforts. Click here to shop for art racks and shelving online.

Loaded Library Shelving Moving Services

We also offer moving services to relocate your fully loaded library shelves quick and easily, even across carpets. You don’t need to spend time unloading and re-loading your shelves. Click here for more information about loaded shelving moving services.

Contact Us for Library Design Systems

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for library design systems and high density mobile sliding furniture in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, and Southaven. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at (303) 741-1600 or send us a message today.

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