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Kardex Lektriever Filing Carousel Cabients

Southwest Solutions Group specializes in designing, installing, and servicing Kardex Remstar Lektriever Carousels file equipment in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Lektriever file carousels (previous called Mediastation) save organizations time and space compared to traditional file cabinets. Kardex Remstar Lektriever Carousels are electric automated filing cabinets that deliver files to an ergonomic workstation counter. The work counter opening has lockable security doors to protect your sensitive materials from unauthorized access. Kardex Lektriever file machines or mediastations turn overhead air space into valuable file storage space. With its more than 2,700 linear filing inches of letter-sized filing space, the Kardex Lektriever can store the equivalent of approximately 27 file cabinets in 80% less space than traditional file cabinets while improving records management productivity up to 56%.

Kardex Lektriever File Cabinet Carousels

Lektriever file carousel cabinet Kardex Remstar Tennessee Memphis Jackson Oxford Tupelo

Remstar Kardex Lektriever Carousels have a series of vertically arranged rotating file shelves or file drawers. The Lektriever mediastation file drawers or shelves rotate in a ferris wheel fashion to use wasted overhead air space. Kardex Lektriever Carousels are flexible efficiently storing many different types of media like top tab files, side tab files, binders, computer media, supplies, and microforms. Some file carousel interior accessories include shelves, top tab file drawers, a variety multi-purpose drawers, and form shelves. The Remstar-Kardex Lektriever file cabinet can be controlled by an electronic keypad or interfaced with records management software. The Kardex Lektriever Carousels are available in heights from 8′ to 12′ and widths from 4′ to 11′.

Lektriever Mediastations an Ergonomically Designed ADA Compliant File Cabinet

The Kardex Remstar Lektriever Carousels deliver stored items to an adjustable height ergonomic work counter. This minimizes physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, providing easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility. The Kardex Remstar Lektriever Carousels are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA regulations, as well as the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).

Benefits of Kardex Remstar Lektriever Power File Filing System:

  • Improves productivity of workers by increasing the number of file transactions in a day
  • Saves valuable floorspace (up to 80%)
  • Meets ADA Accessibility requirements

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Layout and Design of Kardex Remstar File Carousels

Layout and design assistance is a main part of our business. From initial analysis of your filing and storage needs to installation and ongoing service, Southwest Solutions Group and Kardex Remstar will partner with you to develop a solution designed to significantly improve your company’s productivity and profitability. Our Kardex Remstar Lektriever Memphis office covers the following cities Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, and Tupelo.

Southwest Solutions Group is located in Tennessee to better serve your Kardex Remstar Lektriever needs. Call us today at 901-202-0480 for a free analysis of your filing/storage system. For more information send us a message and we will connect you with your local representative.

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