Mobile Storage Systems for Army Hospitals in Memphis

Mechanical Assist Mobile Storage System Memphis Jackson Oxford Tupelo

Mobile Storage Systems have been helping hospitals, including military hospitals, get the most out of their storage space for years. We design, install, and service Mobile Storage Systems to provide hospitals in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, and the entire state of Tennessee with cost-efficient and space saving storage solutions. An army hospital we recently worked with is a good example of the storage problems Mobile Storage Systems can solve for the full range of healthcare applications.

Store Medical Records in a Mobile Storage System Memphis Jackson Oxford TupeloMobile Storage Systems are a Cost-Effective Way to Combat Army Hospital Budget Cuts

When budget cuts reduced the amount of floor space for a new army hospital, it made sense to provide Mobile Storage Systems for the army hospital’s medical records, test equipment, x-rays and more to make the limited space go farther.

Medical records is one of several departments that lost space in the budget cut and gained it back again with a Mobile Storage System. Records are being stored on a Mechanical Assist Mobile Storage System to achieve maximum storage capacity and provide room for a work space.

Capacity is also maximized by mobile storage in the supply department, where cutbacks reduced the floor space to half the planned amount. The Powered Mobile Storage System for supplies features aisle lighting to help illuminate the poorly lit room and a remote control security system that allows the carriages to be locked from a central control point. Mobile Storage Systems also used to enhance security in occupational therapy and medical maintenance where test equipment is stored while components are sent off-site for repair.

Army Hospital Powered Mobile Storage System Memphis Jackson Oxford Tupelo

Storing Army Hospital Medical Records, Test Equipment, X-Rays, and More

In the publications department, a Mechanical Assist Mobile Storage System houses the forms and documents used throughout the army hospital and for other army purposes. The radiology department uses a Powered Mobile Storage System to store x-rays. In addition mobile storage is used in property management, food storage, and the laboratory.

Mobile System Stores Medical Records Test Equipment X-Rays Memphis Jackson Oxford TupeloDesigning and Installing Mobile Storage Systems for Memphis Hospitals

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing Mobile Storage Systems for army hospitals in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, and the entire state of Tennessee since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analyze your storage area and solve your storage problems with flexible, efficient solutions. For more information, send us a message or give us a call at (901) 202-0480.

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