End Tab Hanging Vertical Mail Slots

vertical mail slots mailroom sioux falls rapid city aberdeen brookings watertownVertical mail slots and mailroom compact sliding shelving sorters allow universities to store their student’s mail efficiently and in less space. In a typical university mailroom, spaces are cramped and disorganized, leading to increased difficulties when staff members need to retrieve items. And during peak hours, lines can get very, very long, which requires fast retrieval even more. Read on to see how vertical mail slots can increase your mailroom capacity and greatly improve ease of retrieval for universities and other mailroom applications in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Brookings, Watertown, and throughout the state of South Dakota.

Compact Mailroom Storage

buy storemorestoreUnfortunately, university mailrooms aren’t often given an adequate amount of space and rarely receive the budgeting to expand. With many mailrooms filled to capacity and the number of students needing a place for their packages, staff may have to resort to storing mail anywhere that fits. This leads to disorganization and the possible loss of mail and packages. It’s also much more difficult and takes much longer for staff members to sort through boxes and files to find what they need.

mailroom compact sliding shelving sorters sioux falls rapid city aberdeen brookings watertownFor mailroom applications, most find that end tab filing systems are the most beneficial and easiest to use. The vertical mail slots and end tab hanging files allow items to be identified and accessed quickly and can be stored in a smaller space than file cabinets. The hanging folders slide back and forth so all items are easy to access without rummaging through and displacing other stored items. Buy hanging mailroom folders online. Every inch of available space is utilized so you can make the most of your storage capacity without expanding.

For even more space savings, you can also mount the shelves on sliding tracks to create compact sliding shelving sorters. Instead of having aisles that take up space, the first row of stationary shelving is installed, followed by another row directly in front, and so on. The shelves roll back and forth on tracks attached to the floor. To access the back shelving units, users simply slide the shelves out of the way. Buy sliding mobile shelves online.

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