Stainless Steel Casework Countertop and Cabinets Pittsburgh Harrisburg Philadelphia

We Provide Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets for Morgues, Labs, and Sterile Cores in Pittsburgh PA

Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets are designed for change because they can easily be demounted and reinstalled when you remodel, move, or expand your facility. Stainless Steel Casework can stand up to being sanitized frequently and doesn’t retain moisture, which makes it a practical furniture solution for medical facilities and laboratories. We provide Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets in morgues, labs and sterile core applications in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Stainless Steel Casework Cabinet Drawers and Doors Features and Benefits

  • Full height drawer sides and backs
  • Enclosed drawer glides to protect from contaminants
  • Self closing drawers
  • Easily removable drawers
  • Adjustable and locking shelves
  • 270 Degree Door Hinges
  • Doors available with optional glass or frosted glass panels

All Types of Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets

Here are some examples of the types of Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets we can provide for your morgue, lab, or sterile core applications:

  • Freestanding wall storage cabinets and work islands, including space saving storage systems for storage rooms
  • Fixtures including wet lab faucets, sinks, task lighting, electrical outlets, fixtures, and data connections
  • Accessories like pegboards, drying racks, and computer monitor peripherals

Surgery Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets Pittsburgh Harrisburg PhiladelphiaDesigning and Installing Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets for Morgues, Labs, and Sterile Cores in Pittsburgh PA

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