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enclosed warehouse offices oklahoma city norman lawton altus enid shawnee duncan ardmore durantModular in-plant buildings can be constructed into enclosed warehouse offices to provide a quiet, soundproof environment for workers, isolate a noisy or dangerous piece of equipment, and many other applications for industrial or warehousing facilities in even the most difficult environments. Modular office walls are available to all types of businesses in Oklahoma City, Norman, Lawton, Altus, Enid, Shawnee, Duncan, Ardmore, Durant, and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Modular buildings are more cost-effective for your business in the long run because if you ever need to relocate, the building can easily move with you at any time. The buildings can also be reconfigured easily. Compared to traditional construction, the modular offices install cleaner and quicker with minimal downtime. Non-progressive panel designs allow them to be removed, replaced, or changed to a door or window with ease. Modular construction also qualifies for Accelerated Depreciation through IRS §179, saving you costs on the back end. The buildings can even be integrated with mezzanine systems and any type of doors, windows, or material handling equipment such as lifts and conveyors.

modular building features

Additional features of the enclosed warehouse offices include:

  • 3″ thick walls with expanded polystyrene core and 24 gauge painted steel on both sides
  • Color and finishes available in standard IPO or customized colors
  • 1/4″ tempered safety glass standard on windows and doors
  • Non-progressive design allows all panel types to be removed without disturbing adjacent panels, roof decking, or ceiling
  • Load bearing design has wiring posts that with wiring access from both sides that serve as support columns for load bearing roofs and two-story units
  • Structural steel posts are painted to match or coordinate with panel colors
  • Construction for noise control, non-combustibility, and other environmental control is available

modular in plant buildings oklahoma city norman lawton altus enid shawnee duncan ardmore durantWall panels will be 3″ thick with 24 gauge painted steel on both sides with expanded polystyrene core material approximately 2-7/8″ thick. Panel sizes will be 44-7/8″ x 96″ unless otherwise indicated on drawings. Wiring posts will be 16 gauge painted steel. All posts act as a wiring chase on both sides with friction fit cover plates to allow easy access for electrical, telephone wires, computer cables, etc. For load bearing roofs and two-story buildings, wiring posts act as support columns. Switches, duplex, lighting fixtures, circuit breaker panels, and air conditioning outlets will be provided in accordance with the standard layout. Integral load bearing roof decks are provided for storing items on the roof. Steel and aluminum systems are available for indoor or outdoor use, as well as forkliftable pre-assembled and pre-wired guard shacks.

Enclosed warehouse offices are ideal for use as clean rooms, break rooms, service areas, CMM rooms, conference rooms, equipment, laser, or machine enclosures, guard booths, server rooms, two-story offices, sound enclosures, and more.

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