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lab furniture oklahoma city norman lawton altus enid shawnee duncan ardmore durantPeople have been using traditional built-in millwork for their laboratory furniture needs for years, so why change now? Because welded furniture may actually be costing you money: they rust easily, and end panels cannot be easily replaced; most people just buy a whole new cabinet instead. But there are many types of long-lasting and durable lab furniture, including steel laboratory casework and cabinets, that provide ideal solutions that are extra durable, safe, flexible, and customizable. A wide variety of lab furniture solutions are available to laboratories in Oklahoma City, Norman, Lawton, Altus, Enid, Shawnee, Duncan, Ardmore, Durant, and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

steel Laboratory casework vs. built-in millwork

Unlike millwork construction, steel laboratory casework and cabinets aren’t welded. Instead, they’re riveted for extra strength and longevity. The casework is connected with “U” rivets that connect the seams and create double lined cabinets. Other additional benefits of rivet construction include:

  • Twice the fatigue life as spot-welds and with the same static tensile and peel strengthsteel laboratory casework cabinets oklahoma city norman lawton altus enid shawnee duncan ardmore durant
  • Rivet cabinet construction makes the quality of the attachment clearly visible
  • Panel replacement without damage to joined parts is easy
  • All cabinet surfaces can be painted
  • Varying materials and thicknesses can be joined together
  • Steel is easy to clean and keep sterilized
  • Every panel is powder coated prior to assembly and maintains a 2.5 mil coating on all surfaces
  • Greatly reduced possibility of rust out especially important in the seams

Lab furniture comes in standard sizes and configurations, but can also be customized to your exact needs for your specific application at no to little additional charge. Each section of the casework can be customized and specially engineered. For example, some companies have ordered upper angled shelves, heavy duty base bottom cabinets, variable cabinet height for sitting or standing while working, or casters for mobility and easy transportation. There is a nearly endless amount of possibilities to create flexible solutions that are customized to your specific needs and workflow.

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