Improve Workplace Productivity with Mobile File Storage Shelving Oklahoma City Tulsa Norman Broken Arrow Lawton Edmond Moore

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Improve Workplace Productivity In Oklahoma City, OK Businesses

The internet is full of information on how to improve workplace productivity and create organization in your office. At Southwest Solutions Group® we not only tell you ways to improve your organization but we all provide the supplies, equipment, and tools to improve workplace productivity. Equipment like Mobile File Storage Shelving that organizes your file room, improves workplace productivity, save space. These shelving systems along with our expert advice will consolidate your files into one centralized area and eliminate additional file storage rooms and off-site storage. We provide Mobile File Storage Shelving to all types businesses in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton, Edmond, Moore, and throughout the state of Oklahoma. (pictures of Mobile File Shelving)

Mobile File Storage Shelving Improves Workplace Productivity By Saving Floor Space

Improve Productivity with File Storage Shelving Oklahoma City Tulsa Norman Broken Arrow Lawton Edmond Moore

To create organization to improve workplace productivity, you need a file system that includes equipment and procedures. A color-coded Mobile File Storage system organizes files with colored labels that makes identifying misplaced files easy. The Mobile File Storage Shelving will allow you to save floor space because the shelving removes unnecessary/unused access aisles. The Mobile File Storage Shelving rolls back and forth on floor tracks to compact your storage area. Accessing the files in the shelving is easy, just push a button or rotating a handle and the system will move to open an access aisle for you. Mobile File Storage Shelving typically saves over 50% of your floor space, compared to traditional lateral file cabinets.

The space savings provided by the Mobile File Storage Shelving will allow you to centralize your files in one area, which will improve workplace productivity. The Mobile File Storage Shelving easily houses files with the added benefit of allowing employees to see and access files without having to open drawers. Creating an organized filing system with a Mobile File Storage Shelving so that everyone knows exactly where things are will free up a lot of wasted time and improve workplace productivity.

Color Coded Filing System Oklahoma City Tulsa Norman Broken Arrow Lawton Edmond Moore

Improve Workplace Productivity Even More with a Color Coded Filing System

Studies have shown that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time. Time spent searching for lost files, not in the cost of filing equipment or filing supplies but people time. Color-coded filing systems work by assign colored labels to certain key letters or numbers of the file name. Assigning colors to key letters or numbers creates blocks of color called color bars. When like numbers or letters are organized together with easy to see colored labels, filing accuracy increases and costly misfiles are reduced. Making files easier to locate and reducing misplaced files will also greatly improve workplace productivity.

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Our team of storage and filing professionals at Southwest Solutions Group® are experts in designing and planning Mobile File Storage Shelving and color-coded filing systems to improve workplace productivity. Call us today at (405) 879-3448 or send us a message for a free analysis of your filing area.

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