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In Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma we help businesses manage their overhead costs. The three main overhead costs for businesses are space, people, and inventory. Controlling operating costs with efficient automatic retrieval systems will maximize the use of floor space, enhance worker output, and manage inventory costs. Kardex Megamat automatic retrieval systems (Construction Specifications Institute CSI code 41 51 13) will increase efficiency while lowering costs (view Automatic Retrieval Systems Videos).

Automatic Retrieval Systems Save Floor Space

Kardex Megamat vertical storage carousels are enclosed automatic storage systems that maximize the use of wasted overhead air space. Vertical storage carousels have rotating trays that bring stored items automatically to the operator. These automatic storage systems can reduce your floorspace requirements by 80% or more compared to conventional shelving storage methods (view Automatic Retrieval Systems Photo Gallery).

Automatic Retrieval Systems Increase Productivity

Automatic retrieval systems improve efficiency by allowing workers to fill orders without wondering through aisles searching for parts. Stored parts are brought to an ergonomic work counter with the push of a button, increasing workers’ parts pick rates. Enhancing worker productivity can reduce personnel costs and create a more efficient business. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Automatic Retrieval Systems Help to Manage Inventory Costs

The Kardex Megamat vertical storage carousel is equipped with a sophisticated inventory management software system called FastPic. The easy to use FastPic software provides information to track and manage inventory costs more efficiently. In addition to helping you manage your inventory costs, the automatic retrieval system locks to provide total security for stored parts.

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