Rotating file Cabinets Provide Two Sided File Storage

two sided spinning revolving office cabinets billings missoula great falls bozeman butte

Rotating file cabinets are two sided revolving office cabinets that swivel around to provide double the storage in about half the space compared to traditional file cabinets. These clean and sleek revolving office cabinets will help you maintain a professional appearance in your office while also maximizing your floor space. We provide rotating file cabinets to all types of businesses in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, and throughout the state of Montana. (view images of two sided revolving office cabinets)

Double Your Storage with the rotating file cabinets

One side of the rotating file cabinet faces the wall and the other side faces to the front. To move the file cabinet, depress the foot pedal and gently push. The cabinet will automatically stop in the next position – either fully opened or fully closed. To access stored files and other materials in the backside facing the wall, simply spin the cabinet 180 degrees. If you want to lock the cabinet, just spin it a quarter turn either way. When the foot pedal is held down, the file cabinet rotates freely.

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rotating file Cabinets Reduce Construction And Energy Costs

spinning two sided revolving office cabinets billings missoula great falls bozeman butte

Rotating file cabinets allow companies to save floorspace because they are so compact. They also help companies save money on construction costs and help reduce ongoing energy costs. A nationally known credit company used rotating file cabinets when consolidating numerous offices into a regional office and saved on new construction costs, as well as reducing ongoing energy costs. The revolving office cabinets also provide flexibility to store various items within the same cabinet like notebook binders, office supplies, and data media. The cabinets are also easy to expand, relocate, and lock to keep files secure.

Spinning two sided Office Cabinet Accessories

If you want to make your revolving office cabinets more dynamic, you can add accessories. Here are just a few examples:

  • Files can be stored in roll-out hanging file drawers or shelves
  • DVDs, CDs or office supplies in various sizes of roll-out drawers
  • Space for hanging garments or clothes
  • Books and notebook binders can be stored on shelves
  • There are also roll-out reference shelves available for a writing surface or to set files on when filing
  • Confidential files, personal items, or other items needing security can be stored in locking security drawers

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