Modular Shelving Drawers and Modular Drawer Cabinets

Let us help your company be more productive with Modular Drawer Cabinets and Modular Drawer Shelving. We design, deliver, and install modular drawer cabinets and shelving drawers in Kansas City, Missouri and throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri. Modular drawers are a perfect solution for small parts storage (view modular drawer cabinets images).

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Advantages of Modular Drawer Cabinets and Modular Shelving Drawers

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Modular drawer cabinets and modular shelving drawers have several storage advantages over plastic bins when storing small parts. Advantages of storing small parts in modular drawer cabinets include:

  • Space Savings. Storing small parts in modular drawers is more space efficient than plastic storage bins.
  • Enhanced Productivity. Modular drawers provide access to more parts compared to plastic bins making retrieval and restocking easier and quicker.
  • Security. Modular drawers come with optional locks to secure small parts from pilferage.
  • Dust Protection. Closed drawers provide better protection from dust than open plastic bins on shelves.
  • Professional Image. Modular drawers hide clutter providing a clean professional image.

Install Modular Shelving Drawers Into Your Shelving

Make your existing shelving more efficient with modular shelving drawers. We have modular drawers to fit in all types of steel shelving units. Add drawers to your shelving at the waist-high level for quick and easy access to small parts, while storing larger items on shelves above and below the drawers to maximize productivity and space efficiency. Install modular drawers into your own shelving!

A Wide Range of Modular Drawer Sizes

Modular drawers come in numerous heights ranging from 2″ to 15″ and drawer widths from 30″ to 60″. Drawer interiors can be easily subdivided and organized for small and medium size parts with optional adjustable partitions and dividers.

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Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in helping businesses design space efficient and productive storage systems for small parts in the Kansas City area. Call us today at 913-345-0289 or send us a message to schedule an appointment with one of our modular drawer shelving professionals.

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