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Companies in Wichita, Kansas using Color Coded Filing Systems enjoy many rewards, including a competitive advantage over their competitors. Benefits of Color Coded Filing Systems include more productive workers, floor space savings, and better customer service.

Filing Facts to Consider When Designing or Revamping Your Filing System

  • Spends $120 on labor searching for a misfiled document
  • $250 to recreate a lost document
  • Has 75% of their records still kept in paper form
  • Spends 65% of their time looking for information

How Do Color Coded Filing Systems Work?


Color Coded Filing Systems associate colors to numbers and letters of key file label information to create “bars of color” when files are filed. Misplaced files break the “bars of color” making misfiled information obvious. In addition to identifying misfiles, studies show the mind relates much easier and quicker to colors than to small black on white typed file labels. This relational aspect makes identifying and locating files quicker and easier.

Color Coded Filing Products and Equipment Since 1969

Since 1969 Southwest Solutions Group has been providing Wichita KS with Color Coded Filing Systems and other information management solutions including:
  • color-coded-file-shelving-systems-wichita-kansasColor Coded File label design
  • Color Coded Filing Supplies
  • Color Coded Label Printing Software and services
  • File conversion services
  • Color Coded Filing equipment
  • File moves and file merges
  • Terminal Digit Filing Systems
  • Electronic document management systems
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Barcode Tracking Systems

Whether you have a top tab or side tab filing system our Wichita, Kansas team of color coding filing experts can help you design an effective Color Coded Filing System.

Located in Kansas To Serve Your Color Coded Filing Products and File Equipment Needs

Southwest Solutions Group is located in Wichita, Kansas to better serve your Color Coded Filing needs. We stock color coded filing supplies, folders, and equipment locally in Wichita Kansas to better serve all your filing requirements. Call us today at 405-879-3448 for a free analysis of your filing system. For more information send us a message and we will connect you with your local representative.

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