Storage racks roll on rails reducing floor space usage in half

high density mobile file shelves anchorage fairbanks juneauHigh density mobile file shelves and storage racks that roll on rails to reduce floor space usage in half are available in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and throughout the state of Alaska. These high-capacity compact carriages have hand-crank or push-button controls that allow users efficient access to one or two aisles at a time. It amounts to far less than compared to traditional alternatives, like static shelving. With fewer aisles to maintain, you can compact everything into a smaller footprint and still have extra space to accommodate other production needs.

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High density mobile file shelves keep costs down

You can mount new or existing cabinets to the high density mobile file shelves, helping keep costs down. Since systems move on tracks until resting in a smaller footprint, users have less lease space to maintain. You’ll spend less on heating, cooling, electric, and insurance, helping lower building operating costs.

storage racks roll rails anchorage fairbanks juneauIntegrating older furnishings to the high-capacity compact storage racks allows more efficient equipment reuse. Facilities then save money on materials used to design the space-saving solution. Everything can fit the carriages based on user specifications to ensure maximum footprint use and affordability.

High density mobile file shelves ensure big ROI

Users can recoup investment costs in no time, due to the high density mobile file shelves being more space-efficient and affordable than static alternatives. The typical period between initial investment and recovery can last two years or less. The savings never stop, providing users a big return on investment well into the future. It means facilities no longer need to use static shelving that waste premium floor space. Use the units in conjunction with color-coded file folders as one facility did, and you could see more than a 35% increase in productivity.

Click here to watch a video that highlights how high density mobile file shelves compact space to maximize use.

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