Automated Shelving Carousels for Anchorage Businessesautomated shelving carousels anchorage fairbanks juneau

Automated Shelving Carousels are designed for storing heavy, bulky items while providing a high storage density. Stored items are delivered directly to the operator, eliminating lifting, climbing and bending to retrieve heavy and bulky items. Overall Automated Shelving Carousels offer increased storage capacity, increased productivity, and a safer work environment. With additional options to accommodate customer specific applications, this flexible workhorse maximizes your floorspace. We provide Automated Shelving Carousels to all types of businesses in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and throughout the state of Alaska. Click here to learn more about motorized vertical carousels.

Automated Shelving Carousels Increase Storage Capacity

Automated Shelving Carousels will increase your available storage capacity by using the vertical space normally unoccupied in static shelving systems. With a variety of large carrier sizes these carousels specialize in storing heavy bulky items, which aren’t usually stored very well in static shelving.

Automated Shelving Carousels Offer Fast and Effective Retrieval Times

storing heavy bulky items anchorage fairbanks juneau

Automated Shelving Carousels increase the effectiveness of order processing through a combination of quick retrieval times and increased picking accuracy. The carousel can be integrated with order processing software that will not only track your inventory but process pick lists which provides fast, reliable, and worry free retrieval.

Automated Shelving Carousels Improve Worker Safety

Implementation of the product to person principle eliminates wasted time and steps for stocking and retrieving parts. Shelving carousels ensure that operators are working at ergonomically acceptable heights, reducting unnecessary lifting, bending, walking, and other haphazard retrieval techniques to improve workplace health and safety.

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