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Medical and surgical devices are getting smaller and more complex, which is great for the surgeon and patient but it makes them harder to clean. If the equipment can’t be cleaned, then devices can’t be sterilized. It’s critical for the Sterile Processing Department to have the technology needed to clean medical and surgical devices because people’s lives are on the line. Our solution to these challenges is the Automated Instrument Washer. We provide surgical instrument washers to clean medical and surgical devices to all types of healthcare facilities in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and throughout the state of Alaska.

Automated Instrument Washer Versus Manual Cleaning

With its unique air injected flushing system, the washer is designed to replace the manual process of cleaning medical and surgical devices with an automated one. In studies done by Nelson Labs, the Automated Instrument Washer has achieved 6 log reductions in bacteria levels. The Automated Instrument Washer will eliminate human errors and offer a high powered internal cleaning of medical and surgical devices. Below is a comparison showing how much time and money your healthcare facility will save with the Automated Instrument Washer.

clean medical surgical devices anchorage fairbanks juneau

How the Tempest Automated Instrument Washer Works

The Automated Instrument Washer uses numerous processes and advanced technology to clean medical and surgical devices including:

  • Heated water
  • Pre-determined ratio of enzymatic cleaner
  • Ultrasonic generation
  • Interior lumen flush
  • Varying intervals with enzymatic solution
  • Air injection bubble cavitation stream
  • Interior and exterior rinse with heated water
  • Rinse cycle with highly filtered and ozonated pure water

The washer can be used for all types of instruments including cannulated instruments, suction tubes, endoscopy devices, kerrisons, laparoscopic instruments, robot arms, and more.

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