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alphabetized color coded file folder labels Birmingham Montgomery Huntsville Tuscaloosa Mobile Dothan Auburn DecaturDid you know that the average employee spends a quarter of their day just searching for the information they need? If your office is like many others, then file retrieval is probably a nightmare of disorganization, misfiles, and wasted time—your employees dread being tasked with finding a file, and you don’t have the resources to convert your lateral four-drawer filing system into something more manageable. Open file racks combined with alphabetized color coded file labels can relieve your business of these time-wasting stress factors. Products and conversion services are available to businesses in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Dothan, Auburn, Decatur, and throughout the state of Alabama.

keep your files organized and save space

Open file racks are constructed of durable metal and steel for long-lasting use. Each individual shelf can be adjusted for storing file folders, boxes, expanding file pockets, binders, books, and other types of office supplies on open shelves that are easy to access, making retrieving and moving files between shelves faster. Because of their vertical design, open file racks also take up 60% less space than lateral four-drawer cabinets.

Studies show that the largest cost associated with filing is time spend searching for misplaced files. Alphabetized and color coded file folder labels makes it quick and easy for employees to find the files they need and to identify and correct misfiles. Even if your filing system seems beyond help, we can organize and convert your files for you and provide you with the tools and supplies you’ll need to keep your system organized as your business grows.

open file racks Birmingham Montgomery Huntsville Tuscaloosa Mobile Dothan Auburn Decatur

open file racks Sizes & Optional Accessories

The following is some of the sizes and optional accessories for open file racks.

  • Available in letter and legal depths as well as a wide variety of widths (24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″)
  • Roll-out posting shelves to provide a temporary work surface
  • Available in one- or two-sided shelves for placement on walls or in the middle of the floor
  • Metal folder supports to keep files upright
  • Roll-up security doors, flipper doors, hinged doors, and glass doors for added security

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, and implementation services for open file racks with alphabetized and color coded file folder labels to businesses in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Dothan, Auburn, and Decatur. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your business’s exact needs before the design process begins. You can also shop online for open file racks at StoreMoreStore. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.